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Dell Vostro 1500 Owner's Manual Page 230

Owner's manual.
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Fahrenheit — A temperature measurement scale where 32° is the freezing point and
212° is the boiling point of water.
FBD — fully-buffered DIMM — A DIMM with DDR2 DRAM chips and an
Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) that speeds communication between the DDR2
SDRAM chips and the system.
FCC — Federal Communications Commission — A U.S. agency responsible for
enforcing communications-related regulations that state how much radiation
computers and other electronic equipment can emit.
fingerprint reader — A strip sensor that uses your unique fingerprint to authenticate
your user identity to help secure your computer.
folder — A term used to describe space on a disk or drive where files are organized and
grouped. Files in a folder can be viewed and ordered in various ways, such as
alphabetically, by date, and by size.
format — The process that prepares a drive or disk for file storage. When a drive or
disk is formatted, the existing information on it is lost.
FSB — front side bus — The data path and physical interface between the processor
and RAM.
FTP — file transfer protocol — A standard Internet protocol used to exchange files
between computers connected to the Internet.
G — gravity — A measurement of weight and force.
GB — gigabyte — A measurement of data storage that equals 1024 MB
(1,073,741,824 bytes). When used to refer to hard drive storage, the term is often
rounded to 1,000,000,000 bytes.
GHz — gigahertz — A measurement of frequency that equals one thousand million
Hz, or one thousand MHz. The speeds for computer processors, buses, and interfaces
are often measured in GHz.
graphics mode — A video mode that can be defined as x horizontal pixels by y vertical
pixels by z colors. Graphics modes can display an unlimited variety of shapes and
GUI — graphical user interface — Software that interacts with the user by means of
menus, windows, and icons. Most programs that operate on the Windows operating
systems are GUIs.




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