Eagle LIBERTYTM 624 Owner's Manual: Recommended Use Guidelines

Eagle mini-powerchair owner's manual libertytm 624.
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The LIBERTY™ 624 MINI is a life enhancement device designed to provide added mobility to a variety
of individuals. There are, however, some unforeseen medical conditions that may necessitate certain
individuals to have added assistance from an attendant. Prior to use of the LIBERTY™ 624 MINI , any
common occurrences that can be foreseen (i.e., slopes, rough terrain, hills) should be practiced by the
operator, attendant(s), and health care professional(s).
Do not operate the LIBERTY™ 624 MINI without thoroughly reading this manual.
• Be certain the on/off switch is in the off position when not riding or getting on or off. This will
eliminate the possibility of accidentally activating the joystick and possibly causing injury.
• Do not exceed the specifications in this manual or do not attempt to modify the LIBERTY™ 624
MINI in any way that is not authorized by Eagle Parts. Unauthorized modifications of the original
design could cause the LIBERTY™ 624 MINI to become unsafe and personal injury can result. Any
modifications not authorized by Eagle Parts may cause the powerchair to malfunction and will void
the warranty. Contact your provider if you have any questions regarding this manual.
• Please keep your arms on the armrests and your feet on the footrest at all times while operating the
LIBERTY™ 624 MINI to prevent hitting objects as you are riding.
• The LIBERTY™ 624 MINI is designed to carry a single person. Do not carry passengers under any
circumstances or the powerchair will become unstable and possibly tip over. Personal injury may
also result.
• Always go straight up or down a hill when driving on an incline. This will allow the front and rear
wheels to climb up or go down together. This will reduce the possibility of the LIBERTY™ 624
MINI overturning.
• Use extreme caution when driving or operating on public or busy streets, in parking lots or shopping
• Do not operate or store the LIBERTY™ 624 MINI where it could be exposed to the elements (rain,
snow, mist and below freezing temperatures). This includes storage on an outside car/van lift. If
attempting to operate the LIBERTY™ 624 MINI in the above conditions, possible damage could
occur to the electrical system or loss of control could occur. Never attempt to drive an LIBERTY™
624 MINI that has been exposed to moisture until it is dried thoroughly.
• Use caution when driving on a raised surface or near unprotected ledges or a drop off such as curbs,
ramps, porches, or stairs.
• Disconnect the batteries if you will not be using the LIBERTY™ 624 MINI for an extended period
of time.
• Check with your Physician or Pharmacist if you are taking any medication that may affect your
ability to operate the LIBERTY™ 624 MINI. The powerchair is a motorized vehicle that requires



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  • Russell Walker Jun 19, 2015 08:36:
    XL 624 LIBERTY EAGLE Wheelchair​-- Battery indicate full charge Light Blinks 6 times in sequences on controller but it don't engage can you tell me whats the problem
  • Russell Walker Jun 19, 2015 08:24:
    liberty eagle Wheelchair battery indicate full charge Light Blinks 6 times in sequences on controller but it don't engage can you tell me whats the problem
  • Sue Nov 28, 2014 08:56:
    I have the same questions as the previous. It shuts off, halts and the "wren​ch" indicator light blinks. hat does this mean and how do i fix it, how do i remove the seat and how do I replace the battery?
  • brenda thompson May 31, 2014 02:00:
    power keeps shutting off and the indicater light comes on; the light has ''shark'' written underneath it; what is this ''light'' telling us?
  • Cheryl Hess Feb 26, 2013 12:02:
    The owners manual does not tell or show how to remove the seat to replace the batteries, could you tell me how to do that please.
    Thank You
    Cheryl Hess