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What Is The Locationfree Base Station - Sony LocationFree LF-PK1 Operating Instructions Manual

Locationfree base station locationfree player for pc.
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What is the LocationFree Base Station?

The LocationFree Base Station allows you to watch video both at home and on the go. Your home Base
Station can be accessed via the Internet while you are away from home by installing and configuring the
LocationFree Player on your computer or another LocationFree device*. Also, by placing the Base
Station in a central room, such as your living room, you can enjoy video from anywhere in your home
via your home LAN.
* LocationFree device: An equipment with LocationFree Player installed.
External device
• You cannot use NetAV when connected to the
Internet via an analog phone line that uses a dial-up
router or cellular phone.
• You may not be able to watch some video, DVDs,
and other media that are copyright protected with the
• When the power is turned on, the Base Station
continuously emits a wireless signal.
• To use the NetAV function, we recommend a
broadband connection with upload and download
speeds of at least 300 kbps.
• NetAV cannot be used via a proxy server.
A function that allows you to access the Base Station via a home network or the Internet to
watch video.
Base Station
What is the LocationFree Base Station?
• The LocationFree Base Station transmits on the 2.4
GHz wireless channel. If other devices in the
vicinity emit electrical waves, such as a wireless
LAN device or microwave oven, the strength of the
wireless signal may decrease. The materials used in
the construction of a building's walls and floors may
also affect the signal strength.
• When using NetAV, the Base Station, router, and
connected devices at home also need to be left on
when you are away from home so that you can
connect to them via the Internet.
• Use of the NetAV function for purposes other than
personal enjoyment is prohibited.
• You can use this Base Station as a Wireless Access
On the go


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