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LG GF5137WBHW1 Owner's Manual page 5

A+ energy rated black cabinet style freezer.
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Important Safety Instruction
Do not pull out the cord or
touch the power plug with wet
It may cause electric shock or
Remove water or dust from the
power plug and insert it with
the ends of the pins securely
Dust, water or unstable
connection may fire or electric
Pull out the power plug not by
grasping the cord but the plug
of its end.
It may cause electric shock or
short circuit to fire.
Make sure of grounding.
Consult a qualified electrician or service
person if the grounding instructions are not
completely understood, or if you have doubts
on whether the appliance is properly
grounded or not.
The incorrect grounding may
cause breakdown and electric
Be sure to use grounded
exclusive proper voltage
consent for the power plug.
It becomes the cause of fire.
When the power cord or the
power plug is damaged or the
holes of the outlet are loosed,
do not use them.
It may cause electric shock or
short circuit to make fire.
Wait for 5 minutes or longer
when reconnecting the plug.
It may cause the operation of the
refrigerator to fail.
2. When using the fridge/freezer
Do not place the heavy object or
the dangerous object (container
with liquid) on the
It may be dropped to cause injury,
fire or electric shock when opening
or closing the door.
Do not cling to the door or the
shelves of the door or the cool
It may make the fridge/freezer
fallen down or damage the hands.
Especially, do not allow the
children to do the above.
Prevent children from entering
the product.
It may endanger the life of a child
if the child enters the refrigerator.
More than
Opening and closing the door of the
30 inches
refrigerator vigorously may cause the stored
food in the refrigerator basket to fall by shock
and hurt the foot, so take precautions.
Do not install the fridge/freezer
in the wet place or the place
which water or rain splashes.
Deterioration of insulation of
electric parts may cause electric



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