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Washing Dishes - Haier DW9-CBE7 Instructions For Use Manual

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Washing dishes

Programme selection
The most appropriate programme can be identified by comparing the type of crockery, cutlery, etc., as
well as the amount and condition of food remains, with the details contained in the wash cycle table.The
corresponding programme sequence, duration and consumption details are shown in the right half of the
For example:
Use the« normal»
Earn savings
If only a small number of dishes have been loaded into the dishwasher,selecting a programme that
operates at the next lowest temperature will usually be sufficient.
Programme data
The stated programme data are based on standard operating conditions. The values can vary consider-
ably according to:
different amounts of dishes
temperature of mains water supply
pressure of mains water supply
ambient temperature
fluctuations in mains voltage
machine-related factors (e.g. temperature, water volume,...)
programme for dishes and utensils which have plenty of food remains stuck on


Table of Contents

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