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Electrolux Induction/2 - EW30CC55GW 30" Hybrid Cooktop Use And Care Manual page 19

Radiant induction electric cooktop
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urface Controls
Both the 30" and 36" cooktops are equipped with dual radiant surface element
located as shown in Figs. 1 & 2. A touch key pad on the element controls is
used to select one of the 2 positions of the element, Symbols and indicator
lights on the control panel are used to indicate which coil of the dual radiant
element will heat. The • symbol indicates that only the INNER coil will heat
(Fig. 3). The ® symbol indicates that both INNER and OUTER coils will heat
(Fig. 4). You may switch from either coil setting at any time during cooking.
Operate the Dual Surface Element:
Place correctly sized cookware on the radiant surface element.
Touch and hold the (_ key pad until a beep sounds. The power
indicator light above the (:_ wilt turn ON, Note: tf no other key pad
is touched within 20 seconds the request to Power ON the cooktop
wilt clear.
Fig. 1
Touch and hold the [] pad for the dual element position until a beep is
heard. The display will show"0.0". Note: If no further pads are touched
within 10 seconds the request to power the element ON will clear.
Select the INNER (Fig. 3) or INNER and OUTER (Fig. 4) to heat by
touching the O key pad.
Fig. 2
Touch hi + pad once to turn ON the power level to H! or touch - Io pad once for
power level to Lo.
Each touch of the hi + or - le pad will increase or decrease the power level. Lo is
the lowest power level available.
Note: The power level may be adjusted at any
time while the element is ON.
Start most cooking operations on a higher setting and then turn to a lower setting to
finish cooking. Each surface element provides a constant amount of heat at each
setting, A glowing red surface heating area extending beyond the bottom edge of the
cookware indicates the cookware is too small for the surface heating area,
Fig. 3
When cooking has been completed touch the I_ pad once to turn the element OFF
and if no other surface element is used touch the (D key pad to turn off the
cooktop. Note: The Hot Element (HE) message wilt be showed on display for each
element until the heating surface area has cooled sufficiently.
Radiant surface elements may appearto have cooled afterthey have been turned OFF. The Hot
Element(HE)rnessage willbe showed and willcontinue to display until the glass cooktop hascooled
down to a moderate level.The gl ass surfacemay still be hot and bu rns may occur ifthe glass surface
is touched before the display has turned OFF.
Fig. 4



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