AutoloAding shotgun
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    ™ AutoloAding shotgun owner’s mAnuAl...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Every detail of the Silver Hunter shotgun is engineered Service or Repair ..................43 to provide you the best in handling and reliable operation. With a reasonable amount of care, your Silver shotgun is designed to give you many years of dependable, enjoyable service.

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    Y o u a r e r e s P o n s i B l e F o r F i r e a r m s s a F e t Y Remember, safe gun handling does not stop with your firearm’s mechanical “safety”...

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    5 keep All fireArms unloAded during trAnsport, even before checking for A bArrel obstruction, be certAin when stored in A holster, gun cAse, scAbbArd or your fireArm is completely unloAded, there is not A other contAiner. live shell in the chAmber And the “sAfety” is in the on sAfe position.

  • Page 5: Loading

    12 exAmine every shell you put in your fireArm. 17 be sure of your tArget And bAckstop, pArticulArly during low light periods. We assume no responsibility for the use of unsafe or improper firearm and ammunition combinations or damage or injury Know the range of your ammunition.

  • Page 6: Nomenclature

    Barrel Bolt handle on your fireArm. Buttstock It is your responsibility to secure the most up-to-date information on the safe handling procedures of your Browning firearm. We muzzle assume no liability for incidents which occur when unsafe or Forearm receiver “safety”...

  • Page 7: Serial Number

    n u m B e r figure 3 The serial number of your Silver shotgun is found on the left side of AlwAys keep the “sAfety” in the on sAfe the receiver, above the trigger guard. Record this number in the space position unless shooting is imminent.

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    Silver 20 gauge model goes in the slot on the The Silver shotgun is delivered in the box with the barrel removed right side of the receiver. Make and the forearm attached to the magazine tube.

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    a m m u n i t i o n 7 Replace the forearm by sliding it onto the magazine tube and over the gas bracket so it seats securely. Install the magazine cap. Make sure the magazine cap is fully tightened down. Open and close the use only shells of the correct gAuge And length.

  • Page 10: Magazine Capacity

    2¾" and 3" field loads. wish to be limited to three shots, Silver 12 gauge, 3" chamber models will shoot all 1 oz. and heavier when it is not required by law, you factory lead and steel 12 gauge 2¾" and 3" field loads. Silver 3½"...

  • Page 11: Three-shot Adaptor (plug)

    t h e t h r e e - s h o t a d a P t o r ( P l u g ) of the 12 gauge Silver shotgun:...

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    figure 12 3 If firing is imminent, a shell the magazine tube (Figure 11). Make sure the rim of the shell can now be moved from the engages the shell stop and is held fully inside the magazine tube. It magazine to the chamber by will make an audible click when fully inserted.

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    AlwAys inspect the chAmber, bArrel, feed mechAnism And 1 Load a shell into the chamber as explained previously and mAgAZine cArefully After unloAding to be sure All live shells immediately place the “safety” in the on safe position. Are cleAred from the fireArm. 2 With a shell in the chamber, you need only move the “safety”...

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    C h a n g e a B l e C h o K e t u B e s Y s t e m All Silver shotgun barrels are threaded to accept the Invector-Plus ™...

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    Remember, Standard Invector and Invector-Plus tubes are not interchangeable. Invector-Plus tubes are for Browning shotguns with back-bored barrels only. Before removing or installing tubes, or reading the rim notch code, make sure your shotgun is completely unloaded.

  • Page 16: Extra Barrels

    15 figure 16 The stock of some Silver shotguns can be adjusted for length of pull by adding or removing spacers to the rear of the stock. Each spacer extends length of pull ¼" and a maximum of three spacers can be added with the screws provided to extend length of pull ¾".

  • Page 17: Mounting A Scope

    Some Silver shotguns are designed to accept a scope or other optical 7 Once you know which configuration you will use, insert the screws sight; usually these are turkey and deer models. The receivers of some...

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    C l e a n i n g a n d m a i n t e n a n C e s u g g e s t i o n s C l e a n i n g t h e B a r r e l Your Silver shotgun will function better and more reliably over a NOTICE! pleAse tAke note of the following informAtion before longer period of time if it is properly maintained and kept clean.

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    figure 17 5 If leading or plastic residue seems excessive you can remove it by removal of heavy carbon brushing the bore with a brass brush. Soak the brush or spray the fouling on the tube and inside bore with a powder solvent first. Scrub until clean. To prevent the gas piston.

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    19 complete cleaning as explained in the following sections. The trigger 1 Make sure the bolt is in the group and bolt assembly of your Silver shotgun are designed to be forward position. removed in the field, without special tools.

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    25 figure 22 2 Align the rails on the bolt slide 4 On 12 gauge Silver models, with the grooves in the bottom remove the operating handle by of the receiver and place the pulling the operating handle bolt assembly back in the outward (Figure 21).

  • Page 22: Removal Of The Trigger Group And Bolt Assemblies

    Some Silver target models feature a ported barrel that reduces recoil and muzzle jump. Reducing recoil not only increases comfort when 5 Open and close the action several times to make sure the bolt slide shooting, but increases accuracy because it is easier to pick-up the link and recoil spring follower are properly engaged.

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    Customer deprive you of much of the enjoyment that comes with owning a fine Service Department or your Browning firearms dealer for the address Browning firearm. of the Service Center nearest you. Otherwise, you may send your While special finishes such as engraving and gold plating greatly firearm directly to our Service Department in Arnold, Missouri.

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    n o t e s n o t e s...

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    Browning.Com Browning us: Morgan, Utah 84050-9326 Browning Canada: Browning Canada Sports Ltd/Ltée, St-Laurent, Quebec, H4S 1W6 Browning intl: Parc Industriel des Hauts-Sarts, B-4040 Herstal, Belgium A00711/07187...

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