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Using The Keypad; Function Keys - Asus EK1542 User Manual

User manual
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Using the keypad

Function keys

Use the Function key
an action.
EeeKeyboard.indb 8
NOTE: The keys on the keypad vary with country/region.
combined with another specific key to perform
Sleep: Puts the system on Sleep/Standby Mode.
NOTE: Press any key to wake up the system.
Wireless/Bluetooth: Toggles the internal wireless LAN or
Bluetooth ON or OFF. When enabled, the corresponding
wireless indicator lights up.
NOTE: The default setting is WLAN ON / Bluetooth ON.
Audio Switch : Switches between EeeKeyboard PC Speaker,
HDMI audio output, and Ultra-wideband audio output.
• To switch to HDMI or Ultra-wideband audio output, HDMI or
Ultra-wideband device must be connected.
• After pressing <Fn> + <F4>, close and relaunch the media player
to initiate change.
Chapter 2: Using your EeeKeyboard PC
3/9/10 2:00:11 PM



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