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Securing The Rack Leveling Feet - Dell PowerEdge 2410 Installation Manual

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Locate the sixth horizontal bar from the top of the door and slide the
badge hooks over it, aligning the center tabs on the badge with the
vertical bar on the door.
Push up on the badge retention clips until they are closed and the
badge is secure.

Securing the Rack Leveling Feet

Your rack includes four leveling feet, which are mounted on the corners
of the rack. The leveling feet are designed to align the rack in an upright,
level position when the rack is situated on a slightly uneven floor surface.
Before you install your systems in the rack, deploy and adjust the leveling feet.
When you level your rack, follow these guidelines.
corner of the rack do not rise more than 9.5 mm (3/8 inch) above the floor. If you
exceed 9.5 mm of clearance between the floor and the casters as you adjust the
leveling feet, slowly retract the leveling feet, and then move the rack to another
location that requires minimal adjustments to the leveling feet.
floor. Proper contact with the floor ensures that each leveling foot is supporting
the weight of the rack and prevents the rack from swaying in any direction. If the
leveling feet are not all in firm contact with the floor, the rack can become
unstable and tip over.
Always retract the leveling feet before moving the rack. Having the leveling feet
deployed when you move the rack may cause the rack to tip over.
install your systems. A fully loaded rack may tip over if your rack is resting on an
uneven floor surface and the leveling and stabilizing feet are not supporting the
weight of the rack.
If the rack is not leveled properly, you might not be able to install the
stabilizer feet, which are necessary to prevent the rack from tipping over.
1 Using a screwdriver, lower the leveling foot until it rests on the floor.
2 If you need to lower the foot further, tighten the hex nut clockwise with
a 12-mm wrench (see Figure 1-12).
3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the remaining leveling feet.
4 Ensure that the rack is in level.
Read all statements below before you adjust the leveling feet.
When you adjust the leveling feet, ensure that the casters on each
Adjust the leveling feet until each leveling foot rests firmly on the
Do not attempt to move your rack with the leveling feet deployed.
Always level the rack and install the stabilizing feet before you
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