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Starting Canoscan Toolbox - With Double-Clicking The Icon; Selecting The Scanner - Canon CanoScan D660U User Manual

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4. Starting CanoScan Toolbox - with Double-clicking the icon

You can also start CanoScan Toolbox with double-clicking the CanoScan Toolbox icon in the [CanoScan
Toolbox] folder.
With this method of starting, the CanoScan Toolbox toolbar is displayed (if the toolbar was displayed
when closing last time). Or CanoScan Toolbox is loaded into the memory (if the toolbar was not
displayed when closing last time). In this case, click [CanoScan Toolbox] from the [Window] menu to
display the toolbar.
You may also display the toolbar with selecting [Show CanoScan Toolbox Toolbar before scanning]
option in the Canon Scanner Assistant.
To disappear the toolbar, click the close button on the top-left.(Click [CanoScan Toolbox] from the
[Window] menu to re-display the toolbar.)
On the toolbar, there are buttons to execute the functions.
Click the Scan
button to launch
the Canon Plug-in
Module CS

5. Selecting the Scanner

When one or more scanners are connected to your computer, you can select which scanner to use with the
CanoScan Toolbox.
Select the scanner in the submenu of the Select Scanner command from the File menu.
CanoScan Toolbox
Click the Catalog button to
open an image stored in a
Click the Edit button
to open and use the
editing tools, brush
and color palettes
Click on an Unassigned button to
specify an application you want to
access directly from the CanoScan
Toolbox. (P. 23)

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