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HP 2300c - ScanJet Flatbed Scanner Cleaning Manual

Glass cleaning manual.
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Hewlett Packard Scanjet 2300c and 2400c Series Glass
Cleaning Manual


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   Summary of Contents for HP 2300c - ScanJet Flatbed Scanner

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    Hewlett Packard Scanjet 2300c and 2400c Series Glass Cleaning Manual...

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    Preparation First Step; Unplug scanner from power supply and Computer. Wait for at least 15 minutes (after disconnecting power) before disassembling scanner and cleaning the glass. This gives time for the scanner to cool. Tools Needed; Small Flat-Blade Screw driver Supplies Needed;...

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    Disassembly Step #1 Remove the Document Lid Remove the document lid as shown. Open the lid and lift straight up. Set the lid aside for re-assembly later on. Step #2 Cleaning Topside of Scanner Clean the topside of the scanner prior to disassembly to prevent contamination of internal parts.

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    Step #3 Unlatching the Top Cover While pulling up on the top cover, unlatch the lid by inserting a flat bladed screw driver into each of the two the document lid mounting holes (Do one side then the other). Then pry the latch fingers back just far enough to release the lid.

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    NOTE: Dust will immediately begin accumulating in your scanner now that the top cover is off. Static discharge from your fingers, hand, or tools will damage the circuit boards inside your scanner. Do not touch anything inside the scanner base. Step #5 Cleaning the Glass Spray the underside of the glass sparingly with glass cleaner.

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    Step #6 Re-Mounting the Top Cover to the Scanner Hold the top cover with the back end raised as shown . Align the front tabs of the top cover with the base mounts. Lower the back end of the top cover to the base and snap together by squeezing the base and top cover together.

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    tep#7 Insert the Document lid Install document lid with it in the open position. Align the hinges in the slots of the top cover and slide them in. Close document lid Reconnect your scanners power cable and communications cables (USB Or Parallel) (Refer to the setup instructions that came with the scanner for cable hook up and scanner operation.)

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