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Connect The Speaker Cables - Pioneer KURO KRP-S04 Operating Instructions Manual

Owner's manual
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Connect the speaker cables

Black 
Connect the gray-lined cable to the 
terminals and the black cable to the 
Speaker terminal
How to connect the speaker cables
Press the lever and insert the end of
the cable. When you release the lever,
it clamps onto the speaker cable. Press
and hold the lever when removing the
How to connect the speaker cables
(flat panel display)
Insert the speaker cable connector
securely into the panel's speaker
terminal. To remove the speaker cable,
hold and push the lever then remove it.
• Before connecting the speakers to the flat panel display,
unplug the panel from the power outlet. Connecting the
speaker cable with the power cord plugged in can cause
malfunction or damage to the panel if the cable's bare
wire touches other equipment. Plug in the power cord
after connecting the speakers.
• Insert the speaker cable straight into the terminal.
Inserting it in an angle will result in a faulty connection
and no sound may come out of the speaker. If no sound
comes out of the speaker, reinsert the cable.
Gray lined
Red 
Speaker terminal
Speaker cable
Connect the speaker cables
(flat panel display)
Red: R
Connect the cable with a red connector to R
(right) terminal and the cable with a white
connector to L (left) terminal of the flat panel
• If you insert the speaker cable too far so
that the insulation is touching the speaker
terminal, you may not get any sound. Please
insert it so that the copper wire is still
• Check if the ends of the speaker cables
are securely connected to the terminals by
slightly tugging on the cables after making
connections. Loose connections may result
in sound dropouts or noise.
• If there is a short in the  and  cables caused by an
exposed lead wire, excessive load may be applied to the
flat panel display, resulting in interrupted operation or
• Incorrect connections of the speaker cable to the left or
right flat panel display terminals with respect to polarity
may result in insufficient stereo sound effects, delivering
poor bass sounds or unstable sound image.
• Do not connect any devices to the speaker terminals
other than the speakers specified.
• Excessive force exerted on the speaker cable may cause
connection failures, sound dropouts and/or connector
White: L
Speaker terminal