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Keyless Drive (option) - VOLVO C30 Owner's Manual

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05 Locks and alarm

Keyless drive (option)

Keyless lock and ignition system
Keyless function range.
The keyless drive system allows the car to be
unlocked, driven and locked without the
need for a key. You simply need to have the
remote control with you in a pocket or a bag.
The system makes it easier and more con-
venient to open the car, for example with
shopping bags in one hand and a child in the
other. It saves you having to take out or look
for the remote control.
The two remote controls incorporate the key-
less drive feature. You can order additional
remote controls. The keyless drive system
can handle up to six remote controls.
Remote control max. 1.5 m from the car
In order to open a door or the tailgate, a
remote control must be no more than
approx. 1.5 metres from the car door handle
or tailgate.
This means that the person who wishes to
open a door must have the remote control
with him or her. It is not possible to open a
door if the remote control is on the other side
of the car.
The grey area in the illustration indicates the
range covered by the system's antennas.
If someone leaves the car and takes a key-
less drive remote control with them, a warn-
ing message appears on the information dis-
play and a reminder signal sounds. The
warning message disappears when the
remote control is brought back to the car or
when the ignition dial is turned to position 0.
The warning is only issued if the ignition dial
is in position I or II after someone has
opened and closed a door.
The warning message and reminder signal
disappear when the remote control is
brought back to the car after one of the fol-
lowing actions:
• a door has been opened and closed
• the ignition dial has been turned to
position 0
• the READ button has been pressed.
Never leave any remote control in the
If a remote control with keyless drive function
is left in the car, it is made passive when the
car is locked. This prevents unauthorised
If someone breaks into the car and finds the
remote control, it can be activated and used
again. It is therefore important to handle all
remote controls with equal care.
Interference to remote control function
Electromagnetic screening and fields can
interfere with the keyless drive system. To
avoid this: do not place the remote control
near mobile phones, metallic objects or, for
example, in a metal briefcase.
If interference is experienced nonetheless,
use the remote control and key blade in the
normal way, see page 96.


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