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Storage arrays
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enclosures for a total of 96
SAS physical disks is
Attached MD1200 series
expansion enclosures must
be run in unified mode.
A hot spare for a disk
group must be a physical
disk of equal or greater
size than any of the
member disks.
When using out-of-band
management with SMcli by
specifying the RAID
Controller management
port IP addresses on the
MD Storage Array, SMcli
commands that change the
attributes of a virtual disk,
virtual disk copy, or
snapshot virtual disk, must
have management access
to the owning RAID
Controller Module. Where
applicable it is best
practice to specify both
management port IP
addresses on the SMcli
invocation: SMcli -c.
Co-existence of multiple
Linux multi-pathing drivers
is not supported. When
using a MD3200 or
MD3600 series array with
Linux host servers only the
Linux Device Mapper
failover driver is supported.
On Linux systems Device
Mapper multi-pathing
drivers are required for
multi-path support
Virtual disks on an
MD3200 or MD3600 series
cannot be used for booting.
RAID 5 and RAID 6 disk
groups are limited to a
maximum of 30 physical
Disk Groups can be
migrated between a Dell
PowerVault MD3200 or
MD3200i or MD3600i by
following the appropriate
Disk Group migration
All iSCSI Host ports on a
controller have to be at the
same port speed
iSCSI Host ports will only
Only 1Gbps Supported
Only 1Gbps Supported
MD3600f will
support boot from

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