Troubleshooting Tips; Additional Information; Handling Cds; Cleaning Cds - RCA RS3965SB User Manual

500w 5-cd mini system with bluetooth receiver
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Troubleshooting Tips

System will not turn on
• Check power cord for a secure connection.
• Unplug the unit for a moment, and then plug
into power source again.
• Check the outlet by plugging in another
No sound
• Increase the volume setting.
• Check connection to speakers.
• Check that you have selected the appropriate
function: CD, TUNER, LINE IN/AUX or BT.
• Make sure mute is off .
• Make sure headphones are not plugged in.
Poor radio reception
• Check antenna connection.
• Move antenna.
• Turn off nearby electrical appliances, such
as hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, microwave,
fl uorescent lights.
CD does not play
• Check that CD is in the tray.
• Check that CD label is facing up.
• Check that PAUSE mode is not on.
• Check that CD function is selected.
• Use CD lens cleaner.
• Clean the disc.
• Try another CD.
CD sound skips
• Clean the disc.
• Check disc for warping, scratches, or other
• Check if something is causing the system to
vibrate. If so, move the system.
• Make sure the speakers are at least 3 feet away
or on a diff erent surface from the main unit.
CD button will not respond, or does not change
discs when you press DISC SKIP
• Switch to another function (TUNER, LINE IN/
AUX or BT) and then back to CD.
Remote control does not work
• Check that the batteries are properly installed.
• Replace weak batteries.
• Check the system is plugged into power
• Point the remote directly at the system's front
• Move closer to the system.
• Remove any obstacles between the remote
and the system.

Additional Information

Disconnect the audio system from the power
source before performing any maintenance.
Clean the exterior of the system using a soft dust
CD Player
CAUTION! This system operates with a laser. It
must be opened by only a qualified technician.

Handling CDs

• Do not touch the signal surfaces. Hold CDs by
the edges, or by one edge and the hole. Do
not affix labels or adhesive tapes to the label
surfaces. Do not scratch or damage the label.
CDs rotate at high speeds inside the player. Do
not use damaged (cracked or warped) CDs.

Cleaning CDs

• Dirty CDs can cause poor sound quality. Always
keep CDs clean by wiping them gently with
a soft cloth from the inner edge toward the
outer perimeter.
• If a CD becomes dirty, wet a soft cloth in water,
wring it out well, wipe the dirt away gently, and
then remove any water drops with a dry cloth.
• Do not use record cleaning sprays or antistatic
agents on CDs. Also, never clean CDs with ben-
zene, thinner, or other volatile solvents which
may cause damage to disc surface.
CD Lens Care
When your CD lens gets dirty it can also cause the
system to output poor sound quality. To clean the
lens you will need to purchase a CD lens cleaner
which can maintain the output sound quality of
your system. For instructions on cleaning the CD
lens, refer to the ones accompanying the lens
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Table of Contents

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