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Other Features - Honeywell HZ2800P - Turbo Heater Fan Instructions Manual

Hz-2400/2410/2800 series


• Place the heater on a firm, level surface free from
obstructions, and at least 3 ft. (0.9m) away from any wall,
furniture or combustible material.
• With the power selector knob in the OFF position (
heater into a polarized 120V outlet. DO NOT FORCE THE
POLARIZED PLUG INTO THE OUTLET; it will only fit one way.
• Turn the thermostat control fully clockwise
setting (Fig. 1).
• To turn the heater on, rotate the power selector knob
to the desired position: Fan Only (
Low (
) - 900W, or High (
light will illuminate.
• When the room reaches a comfortable temperature, slowly
turn the thermostat control counter-clockwise
heater goes off (Fig 3). This is the point at which the
thermostat setting equals the room temperature. If left at this
setting, the thermostat will automatically turn the heater on
and off to maintain the selected temperature.
• When you are finished using the heater, turn the power
selector knob to the OFF position (
NOTE: To use the fan only feature, turn the power selector
knob clockwise
to the "Fan" (
thermostat should be turned to the highest setting.


• This heater is equipped with a high temperature circuit breaker to help prevent overheating.
• Model HZ-2410 is also equipped with an "Auto-Off" feature which turns off heat after 2 hours. To
restart the heater, turn the selector knob to OFF, and then to your desired power level to resume heat.
• This heater was crafted using a high quality safety plastic which allows for the "Cool-to-the-touch"
• This heater has a convenient carrying handle and cord storage for ease of use/storage.
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), plug the
to the HIGH
) - 1500W (Fig. 2). The power
until the
) setting. The
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3



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