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Refrigerator Storage; Refrigeration Compartment - Haier 02-200694 Operation Instructions Manual

Domestic refrigerator
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Refrigerator storage

Refrigerator storage
Refrigerator storage
Refrigerator storage
Refrigerator storage
The refrigerator is for short-term food storage or for daily con-
Although the temperature in most areas in the refrigeration compartment can be regu-
lated between 0℃and 10℃, extended periods of food storage is not recommended.
Refrigerator should only be used for short-term storage.

Refrigeration compartment

As cold air circulates inside the refrigerator, tem-
perature differences exist inside the storage
compartments. Area ⑥ is the coldest. Different
foods should be placed in different areas according
to their properties.
1. Eggs and butter
2. Canned food and seasonings
3. Beverages and bottled food
4. Pickled food or canned pickled food
5. Wheaten food, canned food, milk and beancurd
6. Cooked food and sausages
7. Fruit, vegetables and salad
Relocation of the food shelves
Carefully remove and replace the food shelves for
desired height and space.
Lamp and its replacement
Lamp: 220-240V, 10W
Lamp holder: E14 (lamps exceeding 10W must not
be used)
When replacing the lamp,
* Unplug to disconnect the power
* Remove the thermostat knob and the lamp cover
(1) as shown in the figure.
* Turn the lamp anti-clockwise to remove and then
clockwise for installation of a new lamp.

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Table of Contents

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