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Section 1: System Overview; General - Honeywell HPFF12 Installation And Operation Manual

Notification appliance circuit expander.
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The Honeywell Power Products FireForce (HPFF) is one of the most innovative fire alarm remote
power supplies available that complies with UL 864 9th Edition. Designed with advanced switch-
mode power supply technology and built with the latest surface-mount electronic manufacturing
techniques, they incorporate several new features that demanding installers requested to speed them
through installation and servicing.
The HPFF12 is a 12.0 A power supply that provides power for Notification Appliance Circuit
(NAC) expansion to support ADA requirements and strobe synchronization (sync). It provides
filtered 24 VDC power to drive four NAC outputs. The four-output circuits may be configured as:
four Class B (Style Y); two Class A (Style Z); two Class B and one Class A; or four Class A with
the optional HPP31076 Class A adapter installed. The input circuits, which control the power
supply operation, are triggered by the reverse polarity of a NAC or by the reverse polarity of a 12
VDC or 24 VDC power source. The power supply is compatible with 12 VDC or 24 VDC control
panels. It contains an internal battery charger capable of charging up to 26.0 AH (amp hour)
The HPFF12 is a wall cabinet unit that can accommodate up to two 18 AH batteries. It can be
configured to internally house one addressable control or relay module, a six-circuit relay module,
or a six-circuit control module. (Modules available through authorized Honeywell Fire Systems
HPFF12CM is a chassis-mount model that can fit two 12.0 AH batteries. It is used for a multi-pack
option that allows up to three HPFF12CM units to be mounted in a compatible Fire Alarm Control
Panel (FACP) cabinet; these separately sold cabinets are also referred to as the large equipment
enclosure. The addressable control or relay module option is not available on these models.
(Equipment enclosures available through authorized Honeywell Fire Systems distributors.)
HPFF12, and HPFF12CM power supply models operate at 120 VAC/60 Hz.
HPFF12E, and HPFF12CME power supply models are export units that operate at 240 VAC/50 Hz.
NOTE: When an HPFF12CM unit is mounted in a FACP cabinet, the top row must be left open
for proper heat dissipation.

1.1 General

The HPFF power supplies are used as remotely mounted power supplies and battery chargers. The
Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) or initiating device is connected to the input circuit(s). When the
control input circuit activates due to the reverse polarity of the signal from the initiating device, the
power supply will activate its NAC outputs.
During the inactive or non-alarm state, the power supply supervises its NAC field wiring
independently for short and open conditions. If a NAC fault is detected, the power supply will open
the initiating device input signal to notify the FACP and the Normally-Closed Trouble contact. If an
AC loss is detected, the power supply will open the initiating device input signal, Normally-Closed
Trouble, and a dedicated AC Fail contact.
If an alarm condition occurs and the NAC outputs are activated, the supervision and charger are
disabled and the NAC circuit is no longer supervised (except for excessive loading or shorts).
Supervision of other power supply faults such as battery voltage, AC loss, and ground fault will
continue and may be monitored via Trouble contacts.
HPFF12 NAC Expander — P/N 53576:B 11/24/2010

Section 1: System Overview



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