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Features - Honeywell HPFF12 Installation And Operation Manual

Notification appliance circuit expander.
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System Overview

1.2 Features

The enclosures offered are self-contained lockable cabinets.
– If the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) requires the fire protection system to have
matching locks, the units' locks may be swapped in the field to accommodate Honeywell
Fire Systems branded panels: Honeywell, Notifier, Gamewell FCI, Silent Knight, and Fire-
Lite Alarms.
24 VDC remote power supply.
Outputs are completely power-limited.
Four output circuits:
– Fully filtered power.
– Four 24 VDC Class B (Style Y), or two Class A (Style Z), or two Class B (Style Y) and one
Class A (Style Z) NACs (special application).
– Four 24 VDC Class A (Style Z) NACs (special application) with optional HPP31076 Class
A adaptor.
Status LED indicators on control PCB:
– Power On LED
– Auxiliary Trouble LED
– Battery Trouble LED
– Ground Fault LED
– Individual NAC Trouble LEDs
Maximum current for any one output circuit: 3.0 A.
Maximum total continuous current available: 12.0 A for HPFF12, HPFF12E, HPFF12CM, and
NAC overload protection and indication:
– Shorted or excessively loaded NAC outputs automatically protect themselves.
– Status LEDs will illuminate steady to indicate the circuit affected.
Integral supervised battery charger:
– Capable of charging 7.0 AH to 26.0 AH batteries.
– For lead-acid batteries only.
– Battery Trouble LED blinks to indicate charger fault.
Fully supervised power supply, battery, and NACs.
Two independent optically-isolated input/control circuits, compatible with 12 VDC and 24
VDC control panel NACs.
Selectable strobe synchronization for NACs compatible with System Sensor, Cooper
Wheelock, Faraday, Amseco, and Gentex notification appliances.
Selectable pass-through or filtered input.
– Pass-through input of steady, coded audible, and synchronized strobe signals to NAC
– Filtered for full-wave-rectified polarity-reversing inputs or reducing spurious noise to
generate steady-on NAC outputs.
Silenceable with two independent alarm inputs or by passed-through synchronization protocol.
Split Alarm mode allows a combination of coded signals outputs and Selectable Silence on
NAC pairs.
Selectable silence with two independent alarm inputs and the HPFF programmed in Split
Alarm mode.
End-of-line resistor compare:
– Attach a single reference resistor to match value of the NAC end-of-line resistor (ELR).
HPFF12 NAC Expander — P/N 53576:B 11/24/2010


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