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Signal Interference Or Noise; Phosphor Properties; Image Information Including Retention & After-image Lag - Pioneer 141FD - PRO - 59.6" Elite KURO Plasma Panel Operating Instructions Manual

Owner's manual.
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Cautions and Warnings
• Activate the GAME mode on the AV Selection submenu to play a game but try to limit using this mode for
more than two hours at a time.
• View full-motion, high-action video in WIDE or FULL screen after playing a game or showing a still/PC image.
The recommended duration for showing the action video is three times as long as the game or PC image
was on the screen.
• View full-motion video in WIDE or FULL screen after playing content with side, top, or bottom masking (black
bars). Extensive viewing of masked content without this recovery process can cause uneven wear on the
plasma cells.

8.4 Signal Interference or Noise

Signal interference, also referred to as
The most common are addressed in the following sections.
Infrared rays
The flat panel display releases infrared rays because of the technology's characteristics. Depending on how the
flat panel display is used, remote controls for nearby equipment may be adversely affected. Wireless headphones
using infrared rays can experience noise interference. If this is the case, move equipment to a location where its
remote control sensor is not affected.
Radio Signals
While this flat panel display meets the required specifications, it can affect the signals for surrounding
equipment. If your radio, PC, VCR, or other electrical equipment is disrupted by the panel, move the equipment
away from the panel.
Flat Panel Display Motor
The screen of the flat panel display is composed of extremely fine pixels that emit light according to received video
signals. This principle may cause you to hear a slight buzz or electrical hum coming from the panel. This is a
normal sound for the flat panel display and does not indicate a failing unit.
Flat Panel Display Fans
You may hear the sound of a fan motor at times. The slight noise is caused by a cooling fan motor speeding up
when the panel's ambient temperature rises. This is a normal function of the panel and is not a malfunction.

8.5 Phosphor Properties

The following are typical effects and characteristics of a phosphor-based matrix display and as such are not
covered by the Warranty:
• Permanent residual images upon the phosphors of the panel
• Existence of one or more inactive light cells in small quantity
• Noises generated by fan motors, electrical circuits (hum), panel plates, etc.
8.6 Image Information Including Retention & After-Image Lag
Menu Window Size (after a Video Switch)
Programs may be broadcast in high definition (HD) or standard definition (SD). This flat panel display
automatically scales to the appropriate definition type. If the video program's definition type changes while a
menu window is on screen (for example: HD to SD or SD to HD) the menu size may temporarily shrink or enlarge
until the panel finishes adjusting the picture. Adjusting may happen, for example, when switching between a TV
program and playback from a DVR, or when a recorded program switches between different definition types while
the menu is showing. The menu returns to its normal size after a couple of seconds. This action is normal and
does not indicate a problem with your flat panel display.
Pixel Information
Plasma screens show pictures using pixels. Pioneer flat panel displays contain a very large number of pixels. The
size of the panel determines the number of pixels. With the PRO-141FD/PRO-101FD, there are over 6.2 million
pixels in the 50"/60" panel. All Pioneer display panels are manufactured using a very high level of ultra-precision
technology and undergo individual quality control.
video noise
white noise
, can be caused by many different situations.


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