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GE 310000 - REVISION C Operator's Manual page 5

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Rapid retraction of starter cord (kickback) will pull hand and arm
toward engine faster than you can let go.
Broken bones, fractures, bruises or sprains could result.
When starting engine, pull the starter cord slowly until resistance is felt and then
pull rapidly to avoid kickback.
Remove all external equipment/engine loads before starting engine.
Direct-coupled equipment components such as, but not limited to, blades,
impellers, pulleys, sprockets, etc., must be securely attached.
Rotating parts can contact or entangle hands, feet, hair, clothing, or
Traumatic amputation or severe laceration can result.
Operate equipment with guards in place.
Keep hands and feet away from rotating parts.
Tie up long hair and remove jewelry.
Do not wear loose-fitting clothing, dangling drawstrings or items that could
become caught.
Running engines produce heat. Engine parts, especially muffler,
become extremely hot.
Severe thermal burns can occur on contact.
Combustible debris, such as leaves, grass, brush, etc. can catch fire.
Allow muffler, engine cylinder and fins to cool before touching.
Remove accumulated debris from muffler area and cylinder area.
It is a violation of California Public Resource Code, Section 4442, to use or
operate the engine on any forest-covered, brush-covered, or grass-covered land
unless the exhaust system is equipped with a spark arrester, as defined in
Section 4442, maintained in effective working order. Other states or federal
jurisdictions may have similar laws. Contact the original equipment
manufacturer, retailer, or dealer to obtain a spark arrester designed for the
exhaust system installed on this engine.
Unintentional sparking can result in fire or electric shock.
Unintentional start-up can result in entanglement, traumatic
amputation, or laceration.
Fire hazard
Before performing adjustments or repairs:
Disconnect the spark plug wire and keep it away from the spark plug.
Disconnect battery at negative terminal (only engines with electric start.)
Use only correct tools.
Do not tamper with governor spring, links or other parts to increase engine
Replacement parts must be of the same design and installed in the same
position as the original parts. Other parts may not perform as well, may damage
the unit, and may result in injury.
Do not strike the flywheel with a hammer or hard object because the flywheel
may later shatter during operation.
When testing for spark:
Use approved spark plug tester.
Do not check for spark with spark plug removed.
Gaseous fuels are extremely flammable and readily form explosive
air-vapor mixtures at ambient temperatures.
Do not start the engine.
Do not actuate any electrical switches.
Do not use a phone in the vicinity.
Evacuate the area.
Contact the gas supplier or fire department.
Wear eye protection when doing repair work.
Frostbite can result from skin/eye contact with leaking LP liquid.
Installation, adjustment and repair work should be done by a qualified
Regularly check flexible supply line. Make sure they are in good condition.
Replace damaged or leaking components.
Missing or inoperative "fuel lock-off" valve can cause a fire or
Do not operate the equipment if the "fuel lock-off" valve is missing or inoperative.


Table of Contents

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