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About.your.scanner; - Uniden BC125AT Owner's Manual

Handheld scanner
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We use a few simple terms in this manual to explain the features
of the scanner. Familiarize yourself with these terms and the
scanner's features, and you can put the scanner to work for
you right away. Simply determine the type of communications
you want to receive, then set the scanner to search those
A frequency, expressed in kHz or MHz, is the tuning location of
a station. To find active frequencies, you use the search function
or refer to a frequency reference.
Besides searching within a selected frequency range, you can
also search your scanner's service banks. Service banks are
preset groups of frequencies categorized by the type of services
that use those frequencies. For example, many amateur radio
frequencies are located in the HAM service bank.
When you search and find a desired frequency, you can store
it into a programmable memory location called a channel.
Channels are grouped into channel storage banks. The scanner
has 10 channel storage banks and each bank has 50 channels.
You can scan the channel storage banks to see if there is activity
on the frequencies stored there.

If your scanner's keys seem confusing at first, the following
information should help you understand each key's function.
Your scanner's keys have various functions labeled on the key
tops and below the keys. The keys operate in Normal mode and
Function mode. Pressing Func puts the scanner into Function

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