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Connect The Gateway - Nokia AD-42W User Manual

Wireless audio gateway
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3. Press and hold the pairing key until
the indicator light is continuously
The gateway is paired automatically
with the headset. If the headset
requires a Bluetooth passcode and the
default passcode of the headset is not
0000, change the passcode to 0000 as
instructed in the user guide of the
You can pair the gateway with up to eight
Bluetooth devices but connect it to only

Connect the gateway

Ensure that the home stereo system is
switched off before making any
connections to it.
To play music on your paired music player
through a home stereo system, plug the
supplied RCA cables to the audio outputs
on the gateway and to the audio inputs on
your stereo system.
To play music on your home stereo system
through a paired headset, plug the RCA
cables to the audio inputs on the gateway
one device at a time in both operating
modes. To change the Bluetooth audio
device (such as a music player or headset)
that you have connected to the gateway,
disconnect the current device from the
gateway and connect another paired
device to it. For details, see the user
guides of your audio devices.
If you want to clear the list of paired
devices, press and hold the pairing key for
15 seconds while you are not listening to
music through the gateway.
and to the audio outputs on your stereo
After you have connected the gateway to
your home stereo system, set the volume
at a moderate level on the music player or
headset and the stereo system, and start
to play music on the music player or
stereo system.
If you have paired and connected the
gateway with a music player and a
headset, to switch between the two
connections, press the operating mode



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