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Troubleshooting Guide - RCA BRC3073 User Manual

Brc3073 product manual
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Troubleshooting Guide

No power
Power switch is in
ON position, but the
product isn't ON.
does not function.
Very little or no sound
is coming from a DVD.
No picture.
Loud hum or noise is
Blu-ray Disc or DVD
does not play.
Picture-in-Picture (PiP)
does not work on a
Blu-ray Disc
Please visit online help at
Specifications and external appearance are subject to change without notice.
• Ensure the power adapter is connected.
• Make sure that the unit is turned on.
• The product is in STANDBY mode - turn switch to OFF (middle) position, then
back to ON position.
• Remove any obstacles between the remote and the unit.
• Use the remote near the unit.
• Point the remote at the remote sensor on the unit.
• Replace the batteries in the remote with new one.
• The volume control is located on the side of the unit - please try adjusting
• Make sure that you select ON mode.
• Make sure the unit is not paused. Press the
• Make sure the unit is not in fast-forward or fast-reverse mode. Press the
PLAY button.
• Make sure the AUDIO/VIDEO input/output connections are correct.
• The unit has overheated. Shut it off for 30 minutes to allow it to cool down.
• The region number of the disc doesn't match the region number of this unit.
• The disc is dirty. Gently clean the disc.
• The disc is scratched.
• The plugs and jacks are dirty. Wipe them with a cloth slightly moistened with
• Clean the disc.
• Make sure that the disc has the correct region code.
• There is no disc inside the unit ("No Disc" appears on the screen).
• Insert the disc correctly with the graphics facing up.
• Clean the disc.
• A non-NTSC disc has been inserted, or the disc region number does not match
the region number of the unit.
• Condensation may have formed inside the unit due to a sudden change in
temperature. Wait about an hour for it to clear and try again.
• Make sure that disc supports PiP mode.
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