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2011 NINJA 1000 ABS
Supersport Seduction with Everyday Versatility
The Ninja 1000 ABS offers street riding excitement wrapped in
seductive full-fairing styling that embodies its sporty
performance. Add a number of convenience features and the
result is a unique package more than able to satisfy a rider's
every desire. Whether looking to move on from a supersport
or super-naked ride, or step up from a mid-size sport model,
the Ninja 1000 ABS offers the performance and versatility for
a fuller bike life than ever experienced.
1,043 cm³ 4-Cylinder DOHC Engine
• Tuned to deliver abundant low- and mid-range torque, with
a distinctive power kick around 7,000 rpm.
• Low crankshaft and five-degree downward engine tilt help
the engine to maintain its compact size.
• Secondary engine balancer is gear-driven off the
crankshaft and helps reduce engine vibration, which allows a
stiffer chassis for improved handling.
• To decrease engine weight and improve heat transfer, the
cylinders have linerless, chrome composite plated aluminium
4-Valve Cylinder Head
Camshaft profiles enhance low- to mid-range performance.
Digital Fuel Injection
• 38 mm Keihin throttle bodies help provide superb low to
mid-range response.
• Oval sub throttle valves help reduce overall throttle body
width and contribute to keeping the overall package narrow
and compact.
• Sub throttle valves are controlled by the ECU to provide
precise response and make DFI performance similar to
constant velocity carburettors.
• Low-friction throttle grip barrel provides smooth
operation with less fatigue.
Cool Air Intake System
• The Cool Air system routes cool air to the airbox from ducts
at the front of the side fairings, minimising performance loss
due to heated intake air. This should not be confused with
Ram Air, where force-fed air becomes pressurised in the
Exhaust System
• 4-into-2-into-1-into-2 exhaust utilises a pre-chamber to help
centralise the weight.
• The pre-chamber allows smaller mufflers for enhanced
appearance and less weight.
• Exhaust butterfly valve in the right muffler tunes exhaust
back pressure waves for enhanced low-end engine response.
• The main and pre-catalysers are a honeycomb style in each
exhaust pipe to meets emissions regulations without adversely
restricting power.
Exhaust Systems continued;
• Oxygen sensor with ECU feedback loop meets tough Euro 3
exhaust emissions for low carbon emissions.
Aluminium Twin Tube Frame
• Engine is used as stressed frame member with a mounting
point at the front of the cylinder to help add rigidity.
• Main spars and swingarm brackets are a single die-cast piece
and are welded to the cast aluminium steering stem. Cross
brackets attach to the inside of the spars so that there are
fewer external welds and a better overall appearance.
• Die-cast aluminium sub-frame combines form and func-
tion so that side covers are unnecessary, resulting in reduced
weight and narrower mid-section so that it's easier for riders
to reach the ground.
41 mm Inverted Cartridge Front Fork
• Fully adjustable inverted
fork is extra rigid for superb
• Settings offer both sporty
performance (contribut-
ing to light handling on the
street and in the hills) and
Horizontal Back-link Rear Suspension
• Rear suspension positions the shock unit and linkage above
the swingarm.
• The linkage is placed atop the swingarm for better mass
centralisation and to make room for the exhaust pre-chamber.
• Fully adjustable, lay-down shock absorber is further away
from the exhaust so that its operation will not be affected by
exhaust heat.
• Free piston in shock enhances damping characteristics.
• Pressed aluminium swingarm is lightweight and rigid.
• Eccentric chain adjusters add visual appeal.
• Linkage ratios offer smooth and linear suspension response.


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