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Using The English Mode; Using The Smart English Mode; Using The Number Mode; Phonebook - Haier M300 User Manual

User manual
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3.1 Using the English Mode

This phone provides Capital and Small mode for you to enter text. When typing in the English
mode, you should press key labeled with the required character:
-Once for the fi rst character
-Twice for the second character and so on.

3.2 Using the Smart English Mode

This phone provides Capital and Small English mode for you to enter text. This mode allows
you to enter English words with only one key press per letter. Each key on a keypad has more
than one letter - a single press on the 5 key could be J, K, or L. The Quick English mode
automatically compares your key presses to an internal linguistic database to determine the
correct word.

3.3 Using the Number Mode

The Number mode enables you to enter numbers in a text message (a telephone number for
example). Press the keys corresponding to the required digits before manually switching back
to the appropriate text input mode.

4. Phonebook




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