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User manual
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(Phone) or Message (Phone) that you have stored.
Call restriction:
This network service allows you to restrict your calls.
PIN management:
In the standby mode, press
<Menu> to access the Main
menu >Settings > Security> PIN management
and one of the following
PIN lock, PIN change.
Call setup
Auto answer:
Set the phone to answer the incoming call automatically after 3
Answer call:
Use this menu to set the phone answer call method. Press any
key to answer call except of course left soft key [Silence], right soft key [Ingore],
End key. A compatible headset or enhancement needs to be attached to the
device for the call to function properly.
Show call time:
Use this menu to display or hide the call time during your
conversation and call ended screen.
Call forward:
This network service reroutes incoming calls to a phone number
that you specified.
Call waiting:
If your wireless provider supports this feature, call waiting notifies
you of an incoming call even while you are in a call. You can accept, reject, or
ignore the incoming call.
Set international prefix:
In the standby mode, press
<Menu> to access the



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