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Messages - Haier C5100 User Manual

User manual


> and select
Set entry Erase
Erase all
Enter the number, and press <Save>; or press <Search> to retrieve a number
from your Contacts.
Memory status
Check the number of contacts you have stored in the phone memory or the
RUIM card.

6 Messages

Your phone is capable of creating, sending and receiving text messages.
Write and send SMS messages
1.In the standby mode, press <Menu> to access the
Main menu > Messages >
Write message
2.Enter your message.
3.Press <Options> and select
4.To send the message to more than one recipient, press <Options> and select
send to many.
5.Press the <Select>to send the message.
Using options while writing SMS messages
While composing a message, press <Options> to access the following options:



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