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Haier C5100 User Manual page 11

User manual
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Press <Silence> to mute the ringing tone before you answer the call.
2.To reject the call, press the
End Key
or select <Ignore>.
Adjust the receiver volume
Press the navigation key of your phone to adjust the volume of the receiver
during a call.
While adjusting the volume, a bar chart appears in the display indicating the
volume level.
Answer a call with the keypad locked
To answer a call while the keypad is locked, press the
Send Key
During the call, the option menu can still be used. When you end or reject the
call, the keypad automatically re-locks.
Operations during a call
During a call press
and you can choose one of the following options:
Messages, Contacts, Mute on and off, Phone info.
Keypad lock
To prevent the keys from being accidentally pressed, you can lock the keypad.
When the keypad is locked, only emergency numbers can be dialed.
Press and hold [*] key for more than 2 seconds to unlock the keypad.



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