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User manual
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2.Select the number or name you want to redial, and press the
Making phone call using speed dial
In standby mode, press and hold one number key [1-9] to make phone call. See
chapter 5 for more information about setting speed dial.
Making a conference call
Conference call depends upon the network services that allow taking part in a
conference call with other participants.
1.Make a call to the first participant.
2.Enter another number of the second participant; or get the number from your
3.Press the
Send Key
4.When the second participant picks up, press the number 3 key and then press
Send Key
to connect the call. Conference call will start.
5.To end the conference call, press the
The conference call services depend upon local network provider. Please
confirm and contact network provider firstly.
Answering the call
Answer or silence an incoming call
1.To answer the call, press the
, the first participant will be on hold.
Send Key
End Key
or select <Answer>.
Send Key



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