Using The Detachable Front Panel - Sanyo T1443 - ECD Radio / CD Owner's Manual

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To Detach the Front Panel
1. Press the open button (OPEN), to
make the front panel fold down.
2. Remove the front panel by pulling its
middle outward.
Front Panel
3. For safekeeping, store the front panel
in the supplied protective case
immediately after being removed.
Protective Case
Front Panel
4. Push the front metal plate into the
main body. A 'click' sound should be
To Reinstall the Front Panel
1. Push the front panel into the main
body. A 'click' sound should be
2. Note that if the front panel fails to lock
in position properly, the control
buttons may not function and display
may be missing some segments. In
this case, press the OPEN button and
then reinstall the front panel.
Precautions when Handling
1. Do not drop the front panel.
2. Do not put pressure on the display or
control buttons when detaching or
reinstalling the front panel.
3. Do not touch the contacts on the front
panel or on the main unit body. It may
result in poor electrical contact.
4. If any dirt or foreign substances
adhered on the contacts, they can be
removed with a clean and dry cloth.
5. Do not expose the front panel to high
temperatures or direct sunlight in
6. Keep away any volatile agents (e.g.
benzene, thinner, or insecticides) from
touching the surface of the front panel.
7. Do not attempt to disassemble the
front panel.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents