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Sanyo T1443 - ECD Radio / CD Owner's Manual page 11

Mobile audio system
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A. Notes on discs:
• Attempting to use non-standard shape
discs (e.g. square, start, heart) may
damage the unit. Be sure to use round
shape CD discs only for this unit.
• Do not stick paper or tape etc., onto
the label side or the recording side of
any discs, as it may cause a
• Dirt, dust, scratches and warping discs
will cause misoperation.
B. Notes on CD-Rs (recordable
CDs)/CD-RWs (rewritable CDs):
• Be sure to use discs with following
marks only for the unit to play:
• The unit cannot play a CD-R and
CD-RW that are not finalized.
(Please refer to the manual of your
CD-R/CD-RW recorder or CD-R/
CD-RW software for more information
on finalization process).
• Depending on the recording status,
conditions of the disc and the
equipment used for the recording,
some CD-Rs/CD-RWs may not play on
this unit. (See *)
* To have more reliable play back, please
see following recommendations:
- Use CD-RWs with speed 1x to 4x
and write with speed 1x to 2x.
- Use CD-Rs with speed 1x to 8x and
write with speed 1x to 2x.
- Do not play a CD-RW which has
been written for more than 5 times.
C. Notes on MP3 files :
• The disc must be in the ISO9660 level
1 or level 2 format, or Joliet or Romeo
in the expansion format.
• When naming a MP3 file, be sure the
file name extension is ".MP3".
• For a non-MP3 file, even though the
D. Notes on multi session disc:
• If the first track of the first session is
• When the first track of the first session
• For recording status other than above
file name extension is ".MP3", the unit
will not recognize it.
audio CD data, then the unit will play
only the audio CD data.
is not audio CD data, but MP3 file is in
the disc, then only MP3 files will be
played back and other data (including
CD data) is skipped.
2 situations, the unit may not play
properly. Be sure to avoid these cases.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents