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Dynamic Drive; Touring: Self-levelling Suspension; Using Hdc - BMW SERIE 5-E60-2006 Owner's Handbook Manual

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Using HDC

Manual transmission:
Use HDC in low gears and when reversing.
Automatic transmission:
HDC can be used in any transmission speed.
Displays in the instrument cluster
Display of target speed
HDC display
If the HDC display goes out while HDC is in
operation or does not come on:
HDC is temporarily unavailable due to the high
temperature of the brakes.

Dynamic Drive*

Dynamic Drive minimises side tilt of your car
and optimises dynamic stability when cornering
or taking evasive action.
Dynamic Drive is based on active stabilisers on
the front and rear axles. Depending on the driv-
ing situation, the suspension response is sporty
when cornering and relaxed when driving
straight ahead. The system constantly acts
within a fraction of a second while the car is on
the move.
The system is ready to operate each time the
engine is started.
Online Edition for Part-No. 01 41 0 159 725 © 09/05 BMW AG
The warning lamp lights up and a mes-
sage appears on the control display:
the system is faulty. Have the system
checked as soon as possible.
If there is a malfunction, reduce your
speed accordingly, particularly on bends.
The car will lean over further when cornering
and under the influence of cross-winds, and the
suspension response will be noticeably softer
when cornering.
If a message instructing you to stop the car
appears on the control display, pull over as soon
as possible and switch off the engine. In this
instance, the oil level in the reservoir may have
fallen below the minimum level, possibly due to
a leak in the hydraulic system.
Do not drive the car any further; contact BMW
Touring: self-levelling
If the warning lamp for self-levelling
suspension lights up yellow and a mes-
sage appears on the control display:
the self-levelling suspension is faulty. Stop the
car and check it. If the body is distinctly lower at
the back than at the front, and possibly standing
at an angle, for instance lower at the left than at
the right, take the car to the nearest BMW Serv-
ice or to a workshop that operates to BMW
specifications and has suitably trained person-
nel. Drive cautiously while the car is in this con-
dition. The car's ground clearance is reduced
and its ride comfort below the usual standard.
Even if the car's suspension level is normal, take
it to the nearest BMW Service or to a workshop
that operates to BMW specifications and has
suitably trained personnel if a fault is indicated.


Table of Contents

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