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Ergonomic Computing Habits - Dell Dimension 4300S Owner's Manual

Dell desktop computer owner's manual.
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To help avoid possible damage to the system board, wait 5 seconds
after turning off the computer before disconnecting or connecting a
non-USB device from the computer.
To help prevent electric shock, plug the computer and device power
cables into properly grounded power sources. These cables are
equipped with 3-prong plugs to help ensure proper grounding. Do not
use adapter plugs or remove the grounding prong from a cable. If you
must use an extension cable, use a 3-wire cable with properly grounded
To help protect your computer from sudden, transient increases and
decreases in electrical power, use a surge suppressor, line conditioner,
or uninterruptible power supply.
Be sure that nothing rests on your computer's cables and that the
cables are not located where they can be stepped on or tripped over.
Do not spill food or liquids on your computer. If the computer gets
wet, contact Dell (see page 84).
Do not push any objects into the openings of your computer. Doing so
can cause fire or electric shock by shorting out interior components.
Keep your computer away from radiators and heat sources. Also, do not
block cooling vents. Avoid placing loose papers underneath your
computer; do not place your computer in a closed-in wall unit or on a
bed, sofa, or rug.

Ergonomic Computing Habits

Improper or prolonged keyboard use may result in
Viewing the monitor screen for extended periods of
time may result in eye strain.
For comfort and efficiency, observe the following ergonomic guidelines
when setting up and using your computer:
Position your computer so that the monitor and keyboard are directly
in front of you as you work. Special shelves are available (from Dell and
other sources) to help you correctly position your keyboard.
Set the monitor at a comfortable viewing distance (usually 510 to
610 millimeters [20 to 24 inches] from your eyes).


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