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Advanced Adapter Settings; Scan Fibre Channel Devices; Select Host Adapter - Dell 2200F User Manual

64-bit pci to fibre channel copper/optical media
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Table A-1. Host Adapter Settings (continued)
Hard Loop ID
Host Adapter BIOS. When this setting is disabled, the ROM BIOS on the QLA2xxx board is
disabled, freeing space in upper memory. Do not disable this setting if you are booting from an
FC disk drive attached to the QLA2xxx board. The default is Disabled.
Frame Size. This setting specifies the maximum frame length supported by the QLA2xxx
board. The default size is 1024.
Loop Reset Delay. After resetting the loops, the firmware refrains from initiating any loop
activity for the number of seconds specified in this setting. The default is 5 seconds.
Adapter Hard Loop ID. This setting forces the adapter to use the ID specified in the Hard
Loop ID setting. The default is Disabled.
Hard Loop ID. If the Adapter Hard Loop ID setting is enabled, the adapter attempts to use the
ID specified in this setting. The default ID is 0.

Advanced Adapter Settings

From the Configuration Settings menu in Fast!UTIL, select Advanced Adapter Settings. The
default setting for the QLA2xxx host adapter board is listed in table A-2 and described in the follow-
ing paragraphs.
Table A-2. Advanced Adapter Setting
>4GByte Addressing
>4GByte Addressing. This option should be enabled if the system has more than 4 gigabytes
(GB) of memory available. The default is Disabled.

Scan Fibre Channel Devices

This option scans the FC loop and lists all the connected devices by loop ID. Information about each
device is listed, for example, vendor name, product name, and revision. This information is useful
when configuring your QLA2xxx board and attached devices.

Select Host Adapter

Use this setting to select a specific QLA2xxx board if you have multiple QLA2xxx boards in your
QLA2xxx User's Guide
Enabled or Disabled


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