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Reference; Troubleshooting - NAD T785 Owner's Manual

Av surround sound receiver.
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No sound from all channels.
No sound from some channels.
No sound from surround
No sound from Subwoofer.
No sound from Center channel.
No Dolby Digital/ DTS.
T 785 does not respond to
HTRC 1 remote.
T 785 does not respond to
front panel commands or
remote control.
• Factory defaults for North American (AH) version : Press simultaneously [Source ]+ [Front Input/MP]
• Factory defaults for European (C) version: Press simultaneously [ Source ]+[ Front Input/MP]
• Audyssey Auto Calibration settings along with other stored presets and settings will all be deleted upon restoring your T 785 to its factory defaults.
AC power unplugged.
Power not switched on.
Outlet has no power.
Speaker A (or Speaker B) is not activated.
Faulty/missing cables.
"Speaker Configuration" channel (s) set to "OFF".
Power-amp or speaker-connections faulty.
No surround listening mode is engaged.
Surround-channels set to "OFF" on "Speaker Configuration"
Surround-channels level set too low on "Speaker Levels"
Subwoofer is off, not powered or improperly connected.
Subwoofer set to "OFF" on "Speaker Configuration" menu.
Sub level set too low on "Speaker Levels" menu.
Source is a 2/0 (etc.).
Dolby Digital or DTS recording without center channel;
Center set to "OFF" on "Speaker Configuration" menu.
Center level set too low on "Speaker Levels" menu.
Source's digital output is not connected to a T 785 digital
Source component not configured for multichannel digital
Batteries are flat or incorrectly inserted.
IR transmitter window on remote or IR Receiver window on
T 785 is obstructed.
T 785 front panel is in very bright sunlight or ambient light.
Microprocessor error.
T 785 may have over heated.
12V TRIGGER IN/OUT is set to AUTO position.
Check AC cable connection and outlet
Activate Speaker A (or Speaker B) by pressing
the corresponding front panel.
Check cables.
Check "Speaker Configuration" menu.
Check power amp, cabling, and speakers.
Select appropriate listening mode.
Correct "Speaker Configuration" or "Speaker
Levels" settings.
Power-up subwoofer, check Sub's AC outlet
or check connections.
Correct "Speaker Configuration" or "Speaker
Levels" settings.
Play a known 5.1-channel recording or select
Dolby Pro Logic IIx Music mode.
Correct "Speaker Configuration" or "Speaker
Levels" settings.
Check connections.
Check source component setup.
Check batteries.
Check IR windows and ensure clear line-of-
sight from remote to T 785.
Reduce sunlight/room lighting.
Power-down the T 785 via the rear panel
Power switch and unplug it from the AC
Wait five minutes, re-connect and power up.
Switch to 12V TRIGGER IN/OUT OFF position.


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