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Dayton 1P579F Operating Instructions And Parts Manual Page 4

Dayton marine utility pump operating instructions and parts manual.
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Dayton Operating Instructions and Parts Manual
3. Pump should be checked daily,
weekly, monthly, etc., for proper
operation. If anything has changed
since unit was new, unit should
be removed and repaired or
replaced. Only qualified electricians
or servicemen should attempt
to repair this unit. Improper
repair and/or assembly can
cause an electrical shock hazard.
Troubleshooting Chart
Pump will not run
Pump runs but no fluid is
Pump will not prime or retain
prime after operating.
Flow rate is low
Shaft seal leaks
Motor runs too hot
Marine Utility Pump
NOTE: Impeller replacement is not
a warranty item.
1. Replace impeller when worn,
damaged by foreign objects, run
dry or when pumping a liquid
not compatible with impeller.
2. Obtain service Repair Kit
3. Remove cover plate and gasket.
4. Remove impeller.
Possible Cause(s)
1. No electricity
2. Brushes worn out
3. Impeller jammed
4. Motor has open circuit
5. Motor overheated
1. Faulty suction piping
2. Defective impeller
3. Suction lift too high
4. Discharge height too great
5. Clogged inlet
6. Pump too far from liquid
1. Air leak in suction line
2. Defective impeller
3. Seal worn
4. Gasket leaking
5. Groove worn in shaft at seal area
6. Suction lift too high
7. Hose kinked
8. Hose fitting not tight on head
9. Inadequate impeller lubrication
1. Piping or hose is fouled or damaged
2. Clogged impeller
3. Worn cam or impeller
4. Voltage incorrect
1. Seal worn out
2. Shaft grooved
3. Pump head loose on motor
1. Voltage incorrect
2. Excessive discharge pressure
3. Impeller swollen
4. Liquid too viscous
5. Plugged or kinked discharge
6. Insufficient air flow on motor
5. Grease the new impeller with
6. Replace cover using new gasket
Corrective Action
1. Determine that outlet is for 115VAC
2. Replace
3. Clear obstruction
4. Replace
5. Motor has Automatic Thermal Protector. Wait for
fifteen minutes for motor to cool, then restart.
Liquid may be too hot.
1. Repair or replace
2. Replace
3. Lower pump
4. Lower the height
5. Clean or replace
6. Relocate
1. Repair or replace.
2. Replace
3. Replace
4. Replace
5. Replace motor
6. Lower pump
7. Straighten hose
8. Tighten hose
9. Lubricate through inlet or outlet of pump head.
See note in Operation.
1. Clean or replace
2. Clear obstruction
3. Replace
4. Supply to be 115VAC, 60Hz
1. Replace
2. Replace motor
3. Repair
1. Supply to be 115VAC, 60Hz
2. Reduce pressure
3. Replace
4. Reduce viscosity of liquid
5. Examine and repair
6. Be sure ample fresh air is available at the motor.
Vaseline petroleum jelly or similar
lubricant and align the flat on the
inside of the impeller with the
flat on the motor shaft. Push
impeller into place and at the same
time twist in clockwise direction.
This will bend the blades in the
direction required for running.
provided with each 1R387A Repair
Kit. Tighten all screws evenly and
snugly. DO NOT over-tighten.

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