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Automatic Advancement; Blade; Kit Electric Starting; Safety Rules - Electrolux QUICKSILVER 46S Manual

Lawn mower with petrol engine - 46 cm blade
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Periodically check the automatic advance assembly and make sure to keep it clean. In particular, the pinion (19) and the gear (20) must be kept perfectly clean. To carry
out this check, you must remove the wheel (21) by unscrewing the screw (22).
a)Persons under 16 years of age and persons who are
not familiar with the user instructions must not use the
lawn mower.
b)The operator is responsible for the safety of other people
in the working area. Keep children and domestic animals
at a safe distance when the lawn mower is in use.
c)This machine is to be used exclusively for cutting natural
grass. Never use the mower for other purposes (e.g., for
flattening out bumps in the ground, such as mole-hills or
ant- hills).
d)Work only when there is sufficient light.
e)Before mowing, remove all foreign objects from the lawn
which may be thrown by the machine. While mowing,
stay alert for any foreign objects which may have been
Setting up and operating the lawn mower
a)When mowing, wear strong footwear (boots or heavy
shoes) and long trousers.
b)Before you start mowing, make sure that the blade and
blade fixing screw are securely fastened.
If the blade is damaged, it must be replaced.
c)Turn off the engine, wait until the blade has stopped and
remove the spark plug cap before:
l transporting, lifting or moving the machine away from
the working area;
l carrying out maintenance or cleaning, or when carrying
out any operation on the blade;
l adjusting the cutting height;
l leaving the machine unattended.
Caution! The blade starts turning as soon as the
engine is started
d)Caution! The fuel is highly inflammable:
lStore fuel in containers specifically designed for this
l Refuel outdoors only and do not smoke while refuelling.
lFor a four stroke engine, check the oil level and change the oil when dirty. For further
lFrequently check the mower and ensure that all grass deposits are removed from
beneath the deck.
lNever clean the mower by pouring water over it: this may seriously damage the electric
start system.
lTo remove the blade (23) unscrew the screw (24).
lCheck the conditions of the blade-support (25), the washer (26), the key (27) and the
washer (28) and replace any parts which are damaged.
Before starting the motor for the first time, you are advised to keep the battery on charge for 2 to 3 hours.
If the battery proves to be low during starting, charge it for 24 hours.
When starting, don't keep trying to start for more than 5 seconds.
For correct battery maintenance (29), especially in preparation for a long period of inactivity,
and for recharging, it is not necessary to remove it from its casing, but to simply proceed
as follows:
1) Remove contact (30).
2) Store the battery in a fresh and dry place.
3) Recharge the battery before use at room temperature for 24-36 hours.
4) Restore the contact (30) before use.
l Fill up the fuel tank before starting the engine. Under no
circumstances open the fuel tank cap or add petrol when
the engine is running or when it is still hot.
l If the petrol has overflowed, do not under any
circumstances start up the engine.Move the mower away
from the area where fuel has bean spilt and avoid any
source of possible ignition until the petrol fumes have
l Replace the fuel tank cap and tighten it down firmly.
e)Do not operate the engine in a confined space where
dangerous carbon monoxide fumes can collect..
f) When mowing, never run; you must always walk.
g)Exercise extreme caution when turning or when pulling
the lawn mower towards you.
h)Particular precautions must be taken when mowing on
slopes or downhill stretches:
lUse appropriate antislip footwear.
l Always be sure of your footing.
l Mow across the face of slopes, never up or down.
l Take great care when changing direction.
lDo not mow on excessively steep slopes.
i)Never use the lawn mower unless the guards and safety
devices (e.g. deflector, grass catcher) are securely in
position and in good condition.
j)Ensure that the grass catcher and deflector are correctly
located. failure to do so may result in foreign objects
being ejected by the blade.
k)For reasons of safety, the engine must never exceed
the speed. (r.p.m.) indicated on the label.
l) Take care when starting the engine and be sure to follow
the user instructions. Never place your hands or feet
underneath the deck or into the rear discharge chute
while the engine is running.
m) Never lift the rear of the mower while starting the engine
Caution! Switch off the motor and disconnect the spark plug before undertaking any
maintenance work.
lTake care, the exhaust muffler may be very hot.
lFrequently remove the wheel screws clean whith petroleum and oil before replacing.
Ball bearings must be greased before remounting.
lFrequently check the blade for damage.
lThe lawn mower must be checked by a SERVICE DEALER.
lWhen reassembling, make sure that the key (27) is correctly seated in the shaft and
that the cutting edges face in the direction of the engine rotation. The blade screw (24)
must be torqued to 5,34 Kgm (52,4 Nm).
or during normal operation.
n) If the blade happens to hit any obstacle, stop the engine
at once and remove the spark plug cap. Then get an
expert to examine the blade.
Maintenance and storage
a)Make sure that all nuts, bolts, and screws are kept well
tightened to keep the mower in a safe operating condition.
b)Never leave the machine with fuel in the tank within an
enclosed area where the fuel vapours could reach naked
flames or sparks.
c)Allow the engine to cool before storing in any enclosure.
d)Keep the engine, silencer, battery compartment and
petrol tank free from grass, leaves and excess lubricant,
in order to reduce the danger of fire.
e)Frequently check the grass catcher for wear or
f)For safety reasons, be sure to replace worn-out or
damaged parts in due time.
g)If the fuel tank has to be drained, it is essential that this
be done outdoor.
h)Assemble the blades following the corresponding
instructions and use only blades bearing the maker's
name or the trademark of the manufacturer or supplier
and marked with the reference number.
i)To protect hands during disassembly or assembly of the
blades, it is absolutely essential to wear suitable
protective gloves.
Those batteries marked with a "crossed out waste disposal bin" and
bearing the chemical symbol Pb (battery containing lead) are not to
be disposed in domestic waste bins.
The user is legally obliged to take the used batteries to special collection
points or to return them to the retailer.

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