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Dell 4320 User Manual page 103

Dell 4320: user guide
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Image is out of focus
The image is stretched when
displaying a 16:9 DVD
Image is reversed
Lamp is burned out or makes
a popping sound
LAMP light is solid amber
LAMP light is blinking amber
Possible Solution
Adjust the focus ring on the projector lens.
Ensure that the projection screen is within
the required distance from the projector
(3.94 ft [1.2 m] to 32.81 ft [10 m]).
The projector automatically detects the input
signal format. It will maintain the aspect ratio
of the projected image according to input
signal format with an Original setting.
If the image is still stretched, adjust the aspect
ratio in the Display Settings of the Advanced
Settings menu in the OSD.
Select Projector Settings of the Advanced
Settings from the OSD and adjust the
projector mode.
When the lamp reaches its end of life, it may
burn out and may make a loud popping sound.
If this occurs, the projector does not turn back
on. To replace the lamp, see "Changing the
Lamp" on page 106.
If the LAMP light is solid amber, replace the
If the LAMP light is blinking amber, the lamp
module connection may be disrupted. Please
check the lamp module and ensure that it is
properly installed.
If the LAMP light and the Power light are
blinking amber, the lamp driver has failed and
the projector will automatically shut down.
If the LAMP and TEMP lights are blinking
amber and the Power light is solid blue, the
color wheel has failed and the projector will
automatically shut down.
To clear the protection mode, press and hold
the POWER button for 10 seconds.
Troubleshooting Your Projector



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