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Canon LBP-1000 User Manual Page 212

Canon lbp-1000: user guide.
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data bits
The number of bits (usually 7 or 8) contained in a packet of data that is being
communicated from one computer to another via a network or modem.
Stands for decibel, a unit of measurement for the intensity of sound generated by
equipment. The lower the measurement, the lower the noise level.
A setting or value that remains in effect until you turn the printer on or off or change
the numeric setting. The printing environment is set at the factory before the printer
is shipped. These settings are called factory defaults and remain in effect until you
change them. If you change a setting, this becomes the default and remains in effect
even after you turn the printer off. This new setting is called simply a default or
power-on default. You can restore the factory defaults by initializing the printer with
a cold reset.
DIMM stands for dual in-line memory module. Memory DIMMs are optional plug-in
attachments for ROM sockets on the main circuit board inside the printer. There are
two ROM sockets provided for ROM DIMMs. The A-32 module for Adobe PostScript
3 and the Flash ROM. There are also two RAM DIMM sockets each of which can hold
up to 16 MB of RAM memory.
dot matrix
A pattern of dots arranged in a matrix used to form characters. The larger the matrix,
the finer the character. For example, because a 1200-dot matrix can use more dots; it
can produce a character more refined than one from a 600-dot matrix.
dot matrix printer
A non-letter quality impact printer in which the print head consists of tiny solenoids
that drive small wires onto an ink ribbon to form patterns of dots on paper between the
print head and platen.
downloaded fonts
See soft fonts.


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