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Canon LBP-1000 User Manual Page 211

Canon lbp-1000: user guide.
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character size
Characters are measured in point sizes where one point is
24-point font contains characters
character to the tails, the bottom portions of y's and j's that descend below the text line.
cleaning page
Used to clean the fixing assembly.
column pitch
The terms column and character are often used interchangeably because 1 character
occupies one column width. Columns (characters) are measured in columns per inch
(cpi). Common settings are 10, 12, 15 cpi.
An instruction that tells the printer to perform a function. Commands are sent to the
printer through the interface cable; the printer can receive these commands only when
the printer is on-line.
The collection of settings that set up communication between the printer and host
computer. When you use the printer control buttons or software application program to
set up the parallel interface parameters, you are modifying the printer's configuration.
context saving
A memory management feature. Normally, resources downloaded to the printer for a
print job are lost if the printer switches to another personality to execute another job.
However, with additional memory, context saving can be turned on to hold resources
in the memory, even if the printer switches to another personality. See also resource.
control panel
See printer control panel.
Characters per inch. (Also, columns per inch.) A unit of measurement for a fixed font.
Since all the characters are the same width, one measured inch will always contain the
same number of characters.
cut sheets
Each sheet is cut and separated. Used in copy machines and laser printers.
" (
") high, measured from the top of the tallest
". For example, a


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