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Canon LBP-1000 User Manual Page 210

Canon lbp-1000: user guide.
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A printed character that is wider and darker than a normal character. Bold characters
are usually used in titles and headings.
An area of the printer memory that holds data sent from the computer. The buffer holds
an entire page until it is printed.
A defect that adversely affects the operation of a computer system.
built-in macros
Programmed formats built into the printer and accessed by macro numbers.
The amount of memory space to store a single character, number, letter or symbol.
One byte consists of 8 binary digits (bits). 1024 bytes is one kilobyte.
In computer terminology, characters usually include letters of the alphabet, numbers,
symbols, punctuation marks, etc.
character code table
Letters and symbols to be printed are sent in the form of codes from the host computer
to the printer. The codes are composed of two-digit characters such as 23 or 5B
(hexadecimal). A character code table shows the correspondence between the host
computer and printer. The arrangement of characters in a table are determined by the
arrangement of the graphic set.
character pitch
Commonly measured as the number of characters per inch (cpi). This term is usually
applied only to fixed pitch fonts and not proportional fonts. In a fixed font, all the
characters are the same width. In a proportional font, the characters are of varying
width. See proportional spacing.
character set
The complete collection of characters and symbols that constitute all elements of a set.
The printer uses these characters and symbols for printing and coding after it receives
data from the printer.


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