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Using The Device Menu Button To Display Menus - Brother HL-2600CN Owner's Manual

Brother hl-2600cn: owners guide.
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Using the Device Menu Button to Display Menus

Device Menu
If the input is a VCR or DVD, and NetCommand is set up,
the first press of DEVICE MENU displays the transport
menu of the current device. Another press of the DEVICE
MENU button will display menu for the current device
source, if available.
Figure 9. Transport menu
When used with the TV Guide On Screen, DEVICE
MENU displays or removes TV Guide's menu
information. See the TV Guide On Screen Interactive
Program Guide User's Manual for detailed information.
IR Controlled Devices
For a NetCommand compatible traditional IR
controlled device, pressing DEVICE MENU once or
twice will display the menu for that device. While the
menu for the device is displayed, press ADJUST
and ENTER to navigate the screen. For
some NetCommand traditional devices you will also be
able to use the number buttons and other additional
buttons on the TV remote. For traditional DVD players,
DEVICE MENU is also known as the setup menu.
CableCARD™ Menu
Figure 10
Press HOME key to exit
Figure 10. Possible Device Menu for CableCARD
When using a CableCARD, pressing DEVICE MENU will
display a list of up to 8 links to applications that contain
basic CableCARD information made available from your
cable provider. Press ADJUST
the application links. To select a link (blue text) to an
application, press ADJUST
Chapter 4. IEEE 1394 Devices and NetCommand-Controlled Recordings
to move through
to highlight the link,
then press ENTER to access the linked page. Pressing
DEVICE MENU will return to the CableCARD menu
screen and pressing HOME will return to TV viewing. The
screen shown is an example of the type of screen that
may display. Specific screen menus are sent by your
cable provider.
If there are technical problems with the CableCARD, an
error screen will automatically display with information
that may be needed by your Cable provider when you call
them for assistance.
Moving Through Other CableCARD Screens
In addition to CableCARD menus, other CableCARD
application screens may display and require you to make
additional selections. While CableCARD application
screens are customized in each area, some general rules
apply in using these screens on your Mitsubishi television.
Blue text denotes a link to another screen. Press
ENTER to move to the next application. When
screens do not have blue text, there are no more
2. You cannot move backward through the links. If you
want to exit the CableCARD system, press HOME to
exit and return to TV viewing. CANCEL may not work
with some CableCARD screens.
All information on these application screens is provided
by your local cable company. Please contact your cable
provider if you have any problems with the application
screen displays.
Most CableCARD screens are status or
diagnostic in nature and do not allow you to
make changes. These screens are meaningful
only to your local cable provider.


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