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Using Your Toaster - Haier TST1000 - 07-01 User Manual

Stainless steel extra wide slot toaster
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Using Your Toaster

1. Plug the cord into a 120 volt AC outlet.
2. Select the toast color by turning the toast color knob clockwise. "1" is the lightest.
"5" is the darkest. For first use, set the toast color on "3". Then adjust the toast
color knob to suit your personal preference.
3. Place the bread in either one or both slots and depress the toast lever until it locks
into place. The bread-centering guides will automatically adjust to hold the bread
of any thickness in the center of the slot.
4. The toast will pop up and the current will shut off when it reaches the selected
5. To stop toasting before the toast pops up, press the cancel button. This will cause
the toast to pop up and the current to shut off.
6. This toaster is equipped with an extra lift feature to make removal of small slices
of bread easy. After toast pops up, push the toast lever up as high as it will go to
lift the toast for easy removal from the slot.
7. If a piece of toast becomes lodged in the toaster, unplug the toaster and allow to
cool. Lift the toast lever and turn the toaster upside down, and shake the toast
8. Do not leave toaster unattended when in operation.
To Toast Bagels:
If you want only the inside of your bagels toasted, slide the "Bagel-Toast Switch" to
the bagel position. This will turn off the outside heating elements so only the inside
heating elements are illuminated. Place your bagel halves facing in towards the
middle and turn the toast color knob to the desired color (1-5).
Caution: Never use a fork or sharp-edge utensil to remove the toast as it may
damage the heating element or cause injury.
Warning: To protect against risk of fire, never put rice cakes
in the toaster.



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