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Haier HLP21N User Manual page 24

Space-saving portable compact electronic 1 cubic ft. load washer
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Washer makes noises:
• Washer may need to be reinstalled and leveled. Refer to the washer
installation section.
• Wash load may need to be rebalanced, as the load may be uneven.
• Coins, loose change, buttons or other heavy objects may be making the noise.
• A squeaking sound may be due to an overloaded wash tub.
• Vibration noises are due to an improper leveling of the washer or an uneven
distribution of clothing in the tub.
Problems with clothing:
• Clothes are too wrinkled – Clothes have been improperly sorted or the machine
has been overloaded. Do not mix heavy clothes such as work clothes with light
clothes such as blouses, light shirts and delicate items.
• Clothes have soap residue – The detergent may not be dissolving in the water.
Check the water temperature or add detergent as the washtub is being filled
with water (before you load your clothes) to avoid soap residue on clothes.
Liquid detergent is recommended.
• Clothes are ripped or have holes - Sharp objects such as pins and belt buckles
were left in the washtub. You must remove small, loose, sharp objects. Fasten
belts, zippers, metal snaps etc. Check if you are using undiluted bleach. Never
add undiluted bleach to the wash.
• The spinning is intermittent when it starts – The laundry needs to be balanced to
avoid slanting. Move the laundry around to equalize the load.
• The "Spin" does not work in Program Select – The program is setting the drain
time. Spinning will start in a few minutes.
• During the final spinning, it stops, the "Rinse" indicator lights up and the washer
starts to fill with water – The wash load is slanting on one side. After the water
is filled, the slanting will be removed and the spinning will be reactivated.

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