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Positioning The Antenna - RCA ANT1600 - TV Antenna - Indoor User Manual

Flat multi-directional indoor antenna
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ANT1600 Hardware
Before attempting to use your antenna, please remove all parts from the box and read the
instructions carefully The ANT1600 antenna package includes the following items:.
1 ANT1600 Flat Multi-Directional Antenna with Built-In 6' Coaxial Cable
Removable Foot Stand
Setting Up the ANT1600
Find the best location for the antenna
Before you connect the antenna, determine the best spot in your home for optimum
reception. Visit to see where your local broadcasts are coming from.
Then, try as much as possible to avoid obstructions between these transmitters and your
Because of its amplification and multi-directional capabilities, the ANT1600 receives UHF,
VHF, and local high-definition broadcasts, providing quality reception from most locations.
Note: The ANT1600 may work well sitting on your TV or other components. However,
because electronic components can sometimes interfere with the antenna's reception, you
might notice an effect on the antenna's performance. Likewise, placing the antenna on
a metal surface may interfere with reception. If the antenna isn't performing as well as
expected, try moving it away from the component or placing it on another surface. Then,
re-scan for channels on your TV or converter box.

Positioning the Antenna

After locating the optimal position for your antenna, choose from one of three options:
• Lay the ANT1600 flat The ANT1600 has raised feet on its bottom to prevent
scratching of furniture. Make sure you place the antenna on a flat, level surface.
Note: This is the position that usually gives optimal performance.
• Hang the ANT1600 The back of the ANT1600 antenna has two mounting holes that
can be used for hanging. Place both holes over screws inserted in your wall. A higher
placement may deliver better performance.
• Stand the ANT1600 upright The ANT1600 comes with a removable stand. Simply
place the antenna in the stand to prop the antenna in an upright position.



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