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Operation ( Continued ) - Honeywell HFD-130 - Germicidal Tower HEPA Air Purifier Owner's Manual

Ifd high performance air purifier
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Timer Operation
Once the air purifier is turned on, you can program this unit to turn off automatically after a set amount of
• Press the Timer button – the LCD screen flashes the number 10.
• Press the toggle arrows to your desired number of hours (1 through 10). The selected number will flash
for a few seconds – once it stops flashing, the air purifier is in Timer Mode. (Example: If you want the
unit to turn off in 6 hours, touch the timer button, then press the arrow button until the number "6" is
• To turn the Timer mode off, press the Timer button.
This IFD air purifier is equipped with an electronic filter monitor to serve as a convenient guideline for
cleaning the IFD and pre-filter based on the air purifier's hours of use and operating power level. This is
beneficial because a filter's life depends on the amount of air and contaminants drawn through it. As you
operate your IFD Air Purifier, the filter bar indicator will fill-up from "IFD" to "Dirty". The bar will continue
to fill as you use the unit. Once the bar is completely full, it is time to clean the filters and reset the filter
To reset the filter bar:
• With the power on, press and hold the RESET button for 5
seconds, or until the filter bar clears itself.
Note: Depending upon your individual usage (environment,
hours and power level of operation), you may need to check
and clean the filters more or less frequently.
To remove the IFD filter:
• Make certain that the air purifier is OFF and the unit is unplugged.
• Remove the rear door panel by turning the rear knob counter-clockwise and lifting
the panel out and up.
• Gently tug the filter basket door towards you – the basket will first rotate and then
slide out of the unit (Fig. 3).
• Continue to slide the basket and remove from the filter swing arm (Fig. 4).
• Take the IFD filter out of the filter basket and clean the filter (Fig. 5).
To clean the IFD filter:
• After removing the IFD Filter from the air purifier, gently run a vacuum
cleaner with a nozzle or brush attachment along the filter to pick-up
tiny particles (Fig. 6). Repeat on both sides.
If your IFD filter appears to have dirt that has not been removed by
vacuuming, please follow the steps below to wash the IFD filter.
• Turn the power off and unplug the air purifier.
• Remove the IFD filter from the unit.
• Fill the sink with lukewarm water and add a few drops of mild dish soap
(Fig. 7).
• Gently swish the filter in the soap solution to clean.
• Soak the filter for 2-3 minutes. Do not leave for an extended period of
• Rinse the filter with clean tap water.
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