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For Smart Use of The Air Conditioner
Before maintenance,be sure to turn off the system and the circuit breaker.
Remote Controller
Do not use water, wipe the controller with a
dry cloth.Do not use glass cleaner or chemical
Do not use the following for cleaning
Gasoline,benzine, thinner or cleanser may
damage the coating of the unit.
Air Filter cleaning
Open the inlet grille by pulling it upward.
Remove the filter.
Push up the filter's center tab slightly until it is released
from the stopper, and remove the filter downward.
Clean the filter.
Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, or wash the filter with
water.After washing, dry the filter completely in the shade.
Attach the filter.
Attach the filter correctly so that the "FRONT" indication is
facing to the front.Make sure that the filter is completely
fixed behind the stopper.If the right and left filters are not
attached correctly, that may cause defects.
Close the inlet grille.
Indoor Body
Wipe the air conditioner by using a soft and
dry cloth.For serious stains,use a neutral
detergent diluted with water.Wring the water
out of the cloth before wiping.then wipe off
the detergent completely.
Hot water over 40
discoloring or deformation.
F) may cause
Once every
two weeks



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  • lisa Feb 02, 2017 05:37:
    Im confused as to when it says 23 or 24 or any other temp on the remote it always says on the air con that it's 27 and somehow it doesn't seem to come down in temperatur​e. Why is that