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Indoor Unit Installation - Haier HSM12HEKC03 Operation Manual

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Fitting of the Mounting Plate and Positioning of the wall Hole
When the mounting plate is first fixed
1. Carry out, based on the neighboring pillars or lintels, a
for the plate
to be fixed against the wall, then temporarily fasten the plate
with one steel nail.
2. Make sure once more the proper level of the plate, by hanging a thread
with a weight from the central top of the plate, then fasten securely the
plate with the attachment steel nail.
3. Find the wall hole location A using a measuring tape
When the mounting plate is fixed side bar and lintel
Fix to side bar and lintel a mounting bar, Which is separately sold, and
then fasten the plate to the fixed mounting bar.
Refer to the previous article, " When the mounting plate is
for the
position of wall hole.
Making a Hole on the Wall and Fitting the Piping Hole Cover
Make a hole of 60 mm in diameter, slightly descending to outside the wall.
Install piping hole cover and seal it off with putty after installation
Indoor side
(Section of wall hole)
Installation of the Indoor Unit
[ Rear piping ]
Draw pipes and the drain hose, then fasten them with the adhesive tape
[ Left
Left-rear piping ]
In case of left side piping, cut away, with a nipper, the lid for left piping.
In case of left-rear piping, bend the pipes according to the piping
direction to the mark of hole for left-rear piping which is marked on heat
insulation materials.

Indoor Unit Installation

proper leveling
B= 60mm
B= 60mm
Wall hole
Outdoor side
Thickness of wall
Piping hole pipe
Drawing of pipe
1. Insert the drain hose into the dent of heat insulation materials of
indoor unit.
2. Insert the indoor/outdoor electric cable from backside of indoor
unit, and pull it out on the front side, then connect them.
3. Coat the flaring seal face with refrigerant oil and connect pipes.
Cover the connection part with heat insulation materials closely,
and make sure fixing with adhesive tape
Lid for right
Lid for under piping pipe
Fix with adhesive tape
Indoor/outdoor electric cable and drain hose must be bound with
efrigerant piping by protecting tape.
[ Other direction piping ]
Cut away, with a nipper, the lid for piping according to the piping
direction and then bend the pipe according to theposition of wall
hole. When bending, be careful not to crash pipes.
Connect beforehand the indoor/outdoor electric cable, and then
pull out the connected to the heat insulation of connecting part
Hang surely the unit body onto the upper
notches of the mounting plate. Move the body
from side to side to verify its secure fixing.
In order to fix the body onto the mounting
plate,hold up the body aslant from the
underside and then put it down perpendicularly.
first fixed ",
When you unload the indoor unit,please use your hand to arise
the body to leave agraffe,then lift the bottom of the body outward
slightly and lift the unit aslant until it leaves the mounting plate.
Connecting the indoor/outdoor Electric Cable
Remove terminal cover at right bottom corner of
indoor unit, then take off wiring cover by removing
its screws.
Heat insulation
Drain hose
Lid for left piping
Fixing the indoor unit body
Unloading of indoor unit body
mounting plate
Removing the wiring cover
Indoor/outdoor electric cable
Pipe supporting
mounting plate



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