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Inside This Package; Handling Precautions; Part Names; Replacing The Drum Head - Yamaha RHP100 Owner's Manual

Yamaha rhp100 digital percussion: supplementary guide
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Thank you for purchasing the YAMAHA Real Head Pad RHP80/100/120/120SD. The
YAMAHA Real Head Pad series was developed as a trigger pad for use with an elec-
tric drum system. The pads utilize Remo Coated Ambassador heads. This system
delivers a richer, closer to acoustic feeling that extends greater expressive potential to
the drummer. Just like a real, high quality acoustic drum, the shell is made of birch
then covered with a clear finish.
To get the most out of your YAMAHA Real Head Pad Series, please read this manual
carefully. After reading, please keep it in a safe place for future reference.
I Handling Precautions
• Do not disassemble (except for when replacing the head or a cushion as described in this manual) or alter the
product. Doing so may result in damage or deterioration to the product.
• Do not step on or place heavy objects on the product. It may result in damage.
• Do not use or keep the product in places with extremely high temperature (places in direct sunlight, close to a
heater, in a closed car, etc.) or damp (bathroom, outside on a rainy day, etc.). It may result in deformation,
discoloration, damage or deterioration.
• To clean the product, please wipe with a soft cloth or a damp cloth that has been wrung out thoroughly. If the
product is soiled, use a neutral detergent on a cloth then wipe with a damp cloth that has been wrung out
thoroughly to remove any remaining detergent. Do not use benzine, thinner or alcohol as it may result in
discoloration or deformation. Also pay close attention so as not to let the water and detergent come into
contact with the cushions used in the product, it may result in deterioration.
• When connecting or disconnecting cables, make sure to hold the cable by the plug. Also, make sure heavy or sharp
objects are not placed upon the cable. If excessive force is placed on the wire, it may result in the wire breaking.
I Replacing the Drum Head
Like acoustic drums, the Real Head Pad's drum head will wear over time. When it is time to
change the old head with a new one, please do so on your own. We recommend the use of
Remo Coated Ambassador 8", 10" and 12" drum heads, but you may use any other head that
you prefer. Just keep in mind that depending upon the drum head you use, the feel, sound,
output, etc. may be slightly different.
I Replacing the Cushion
For sensing and sound deadening purposes,
the Real Head Pads utilize a cushion that pro-
vides support to the entire drum head from
within the pad. You can use the supplied cor-
rugated cushion in place of the cushion that
was installed at the factory. Use of the corru-
gated cushion offers a firmer feeling head.
Select the best cushion according to the type
of drum head you use.
NOTE : When you use the corrugated cushion, put the
yellow cushion that was installed at the factory
on the bottom, then the corrugated cushion on
top with the corrugated side of the cushion in
contact with the drum head (in this case the
flat, gray cushion is not needed).
NOTE : When the corrugated cushion is not used, make
sure the other cushions are positioned in the
same manner as when the unit was shipped
from the factory, with the flat, gray cushion on
the bottom and the yellow cushion in contact
with the drum head. If the cushions are
reversed, it may result in deterioration of the
I About Replacing Worn Parts
(Rubber Hoop Cover, Cushions, etc.)
• This product uses parts (drum head, cushion, rubber hoop cover, Output Level Adjustment
knob, output jacks, etc.) that will wear or deteriorate over time. How these parts wear or
deteriorate will depend upon the environment, length of time, etc., in which the device is
• Please ask the dealer from whom you purchased the device about replacing worn parts.
When the corrugated cushion is not used.
(As shipped from the factory)
Gray Flat Cushion
Yellow Cushion
When the corrugated cushion is used.
Corrugated Cushion
Yellow Cushion
I What is Explained in this Manual
• The RHP80/100/120 are tom type (8"/10"/12") trigger pads with rod clamps that can be
attached to a tom stand or rack.
• The RHP120SD is a 12" snare drum type trigger pad. It can be set on a snare stand
(YAMAHA:SS642, etc.).
RHP100 (10")
RHP80 (8")
Rod Clamp
Rod Clamp
Rod Clamp
I Inside This Package
Before setup, please make sure that all of the items listed below are present and accounted
for. If anything is missing, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the unit.
• Pad Units (RHP80/100/120/
• Stereo Phone Cable
120SD) x1
(3m) x1
Pad Unit
The plug with the
Rod Clamp
(The RHP120SD is not
two black rings
equipped with this clamp)
I Part Names
Clamp Bolt
(The RHP120SD is not
equipped with this bolt)
Drum Head
Tuning Bolt
I Troubleshooting
If the following trouble occurs when the Real Head Pad is used, please check the following
points before asking your dealer for assistance.
G No Sound, Volume is Low
Is the Real Head Pad's OUTPUT
jack properly connected to the In-
put jack on the DTXTREME/DTX/
DTXPRESS with the supplied ste-
reo phone cable (the plug with two
black rings)?
Is the Real Head Pads Output
LEVEL Adjustment set too low?
Is the drum head on the real head
pad too loose?
properly connected to a pair of
headphones or the external audio
I s t h e D T X T R E M E / D T X /
DTXPRESS properly setup?
G Multiple sounds are produced when the pad is struck once (Double Trigger).
If the Output LEVEL knob is set too high, the large sig-
Is the Real Head Pad's Output
LEVEL adjustment knob set too
nal remains for a longer time causing the DTXTREME/
DTX/DTXPRESS to produce multiple triggers. Use the
previously explained Output LEVEL adjustment to set
the level to a proper level.
❇ If the double triggers continue even after you have tried the solutions listed above, use the DTXTREME/DTX/
DTXPRESS "Self Rejection" function to control the problem. Refer to the Owner's Manual supplied with the
DTXTREME/DTX/DTXPRESS for more information.
RHP120SD (12")
RHP120 (12")
• Corrugated
Cushion x1
Rod Clamp
(The RHP120SD is not equipped with this clamp)
Bottom Cover
What to check.
If the pad is connected with a monaural phone cable
(the plug with one black ring), the rim shot
will not be produced. Also, if the Real Head Pad is con-
nected to an INPUT number on the DTX/DTXPRESS
that is not capable of producing rim shots, the sound
will not be produced. (Refer to the "Connections" sec-
tion above.)
If the level is set too low, the signal level sent when the pad
is hit will be very low so, the DTXTREME/DTX/DTXPRESS
will not be able to produce sufficient volume from this low
level signal.
If the drum head is too loose, the output from the rim sensor
may be reduced. Use a tuning key to adjust the tension on the
head. (Refer to the previous "Setting Up" section.)
Check connections, power switches or volume settings
on the external devices.
Check if the volume setting assigned to each of the
set too low (refer to the "To Increase the Sound Vol-
ume" section above).
Also, check to see if the headphone volume etc. is not
set too low.
What to check.
s o u n d



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